Japan's Twist on the Man-Bag *pic*

  1. [​IMG]Totes for Blokes: In Japan, bags like this one (right) from Tsuchiya Kaban are similar to women's totes; Gucci's rugged tote (below) has been selling well among trendier U.S. men.

    Japan's Twist on the Man-Bag
    April 28, 2007; Page P4​
    TOKYO -- The latest in men's fashion in Japan: large over-the-shoulder totes that look very much like women's purses.

    Japanese men began to depart from the standard briefcases a decade ago, but the trend has since evolved from messenger bags to small under-the-arm clutches and now to totes strewn over the shoulder with nonchalance. The look is making its way through Asia and is reaching some fashion-forward men in the U.S.

    A few years ago, Japanese designers began noticing that men were buying women's handbags to lug around their usual load of iPod, cellphone and magazines. So designers started coming out with versions exclusively for men in dark or neutral colors, with minimal trim and a place to put business cards or hold a pack of cigarettes.

    In the past year, men in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan have started carrying similar totes. China's newly cash-rich male consumers are buying unisex Louis Vuitton and Burberry totes to show off their wealth.

    Some makers are trying to tempt men outside Asia. In the U.S., Coach has expanded its offerings of masculine-looking totes for blokes. Saks Fifth Avenue says a natural-colored cotton tote with tan and blue handles and leather trim by Gucci has been selling well among trendier men. Still, most American men would prefer a messenger bag so that their hands are free, says Michael Macko, Saks's men's fashion director.

    Tokyo-based bag maker Tsuchiya Kaban was one of the first Japanese companies to notice that its male customers, mostly in their 20s and 30s, were yearning for an over-the-shoulder bag of their own. Sales of Tsuchiya Kaban's "toto" bags for men are now equal to its briefcase sales. "Men want a bag to go with suits but that also matches their casual daily life," a company spokesman says.
  2. i suppose it's about time then eh?

    i'm not sure gayman would dig the tote style but i know he's had his eye on a new bag. i'm pretty sure he'd give the tote idea a thumbs down but then again i could be wrong. he's like messanger bag obsessed ;)

    i think that the man in that picture DOESN'T look ridiculous, and that's refreshing to me! it's acctually a nice change! great to see mens lines expanding!
  3. I prefer men with bags that are a little more masculine than the one on the model, but I think a man with confidence can really pull off a lot of looks that are unexpected. I don't think I'd find it unusual to see a man carrying bags like that, but the under the arm clutch might be pushing it for my taste. I think it is good for men to have more options than just a briefcase.
  4. i agree about the clutch being a bit too much... very girly!~
  5. ^
    Business clutches aren't really that uncommon. They usually are a bit bigger than women's clutches though, but I see them around.

    I've seen some guys carrying totes like that also, not so many and only recently, but maybe the trend will explode soon. I see no reason why it shouldn't, it's not really looking any weirder than a woman carrying it.
  6. well i live in maine, so it would SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY be unheard of, at least in this town, for a dude to be carrying around a clutch, or tote even. messanger bag is even pushing it sometimes. of course maine isn't nearly as diverse as other places as far as fashion and whatnot is concerned :shame: i'm ORIGINALLY from CT ;) hehe
  7. Interesting!!
  8. I think the backpack style will be the one that sticks, we will just see even more popular brand names doing increasingly expensive backpacks.

    Mr Puff is using a very basic, classic black nylon one he got at Wal-Mart a decade or so ago, I check it periodically for anything coming loose, etc but even after so many years of daily use and abuse, it doesn't look much different from the day he bought it! He paid around $11.99 for it though, so at that price it damn well better last!