JapanLA's Ultimate tokidoki Creativity Competition

  1. JapanLA presents the tokidoki Ultimate Creativity Competition!*¡Mind Explosion Extravaganza!* featuring Adios & Ciao Ciao!
    On June 21st, Munky King is having a release party and signing for the new tokidoki Adios & Ciao Ciao vinyl toys. JapanLA is friends with Munky King, and it is right around the corner. So, I had this great idea to have a tokidoki contest for you guys…
    Whoever sends me the best picture of the most creative tokidoki creation…fanart…amazingness, will win both Adios and Ciao Ciao vinyl toys signed by Simone himself.
    This may sound kind of vague, but this is your chance to create something spectacular to show your love for tokidoki…so do your best to make me something that will win you an awesome prize…It can be anything that represents your admiration for tokidoki…you can send a picture of what you make or a video…whatever you’d like…it just has to be mind exploding.
    This is not a popularity contest or a “who has the most tokidoki stuff” contest. This is a contest to make something or do something that will make us say “that is definately the winner.”
    So explode our minds with what you can come up with…
    Email the pics to: info@japanla.com
    I will post the mind melting ones on the JapanLA blog, www.japanla.com/blog, and you guys can post comments.
    The winner will be announced when our minds have exploded…if our brains stay intact, no prize will be delivered…Hopefully you guys will figure something out before June 21st, so you can tell me what you’d like Simone to write on your toys.
    Good luck!
  2. wow this sounds interesting :biggrin: maya..this is calling your name!!!:graucho:
  3. Hahaha. I was reading it and turned to James, "You should draw..." and before I could finish he's like, "I'm NOT drawing anything tokidoki." And he went on about how it's too simple of drawings and it'd frustrate him to draw simple stuff... I think "lame" was said somewhere too. *lol*
  4. :lol: Maybe you should try :biggrin: I cant draw at all :lol:
  5. oh man so many contests all at once! n crap its a week away..x.x
  6. You should definitely do something Maya!! :graucho:

    Its so soon!! But it sounds exciting!! I think I'll try this since I didnt enter the Pulse Toki Idol contest!

    Ooooh but only 1 week's notice?!?!! Jamie you're killing us :upsidedown:

    Hmm I guess there's no runner-up prize in this one either.. hehe oh well :smile:
  7. oh my gosh .. June 21st?! Arghh .. Hmm not much of an artist here but I'll give it a go too. Can't hurt :smile:
  8. oh man. if only i was "mindblowingly" artistic (i hope jamie doesnt mind me ripping off her phrase hahha)...
  9. [​IMG]

    Here's my entry - I don't think its MINDBLOWING. But it was fun to do, so I thought I'd share!
  10. ^aww its cute

    *sigh* I can't draw for shet...so I'm staying away. Maya, yessssssss this competition screams your name.
  11. ha ha! it doesn't have to be a drawing...it can be a video or a cool photograph or a sculpture...anything...I want you guys to think outside of the box...you can thank "Kyle" for the whole "mindblowing" thing...he helped me write the post...(he's on the japanla blog)...I thought it was funny...so feel free to use it all you want...

  12. hmm, sounds cool Jamie ^__^ we'll see if I get inspired this weekend lmfao...I am so no the artsy person, I wish I was :sad:
  13. Well, I've got two drawing concept in mind - but it's not "mindblowing." We'll see if I have time...
  14. omg, i think i'll just watch.. i can't think right now! HAHA!!! go maya! or anyone!! and that's all due by next week!!! here we goooooooo...!!!
  15. aaaahhh.. i love to draw but i don't know if i can make anything "mindblowing" :[ it sounds so discouraging! hahaha! i don't like to color my drawings.. and i don't know if black and white is "mind-blowing"... what's funny is this should be a fun thing! ..i feel like i'm stressed about it? lmao.

    i have some ideas in my head though..! hmm...