japanLA shipping

  1. Do they provide tracking numbers? What currier do they normally use? I got an email saying it shipped 3 days ago. Do I have a good chance it's arriving tomorrow? Thanks!
  2. They use USPS Priority Insured Mail (you have to sign for it). Sometimes they send you the delivery confirmation number and sometimes not...
  3. Thanks for your help!!!
  4. I :heart: japanla but I ordered something from them last month on a Saturday afternoon ( I placed an online order) and I didn't get it until the following Thursday :wtf: Her store is in SoCal, I'm in NorCal. I figured fine, it's saturday probably won't go out until monday no big deal but I think it was actually postmarked Tuesday....WHATEVS but it took what felt like forever to get here. :cursing: So since you're out of state it'll probably be a few more days. :push:
  5. same happen with me.... i loved wat i bought but it took incredibly loooong!!!! good luck!
  6. yeaa same heree.. & i had to call and check to make sure they sent it out :sad: it was a phone order for my tutti dolce & denaro~
  7. Sounds like you guys aren't doing too good with the online ordering. IDK, cuz I never used that....but I know when I called in my order it arrived 2-3 days later and I live in Hawaii...so yeah. I guess it all depends with the online eh..
  8. Sorry guys! Things have been a little hectic at JapanLA lately. We don't do orders over the weekend because the store is usually super busy. So, we do all the orders we received over the weekend on Monday, and take them to the post office Monday night, so it gets postmarked Tuesday, (Our post office is open until 7pm.) Then it takes about 2-3 business days from then. So, if you order on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , you'll get them quicker than someone who ordered Thursday late afternoon or Fri or Sat. Sunday orders will get done on Monday too. This week was a little different b/c I went to Las Vegas to the Magic and Pool tradeshow and was gone for 4 days. It's just me and Steph doing all the orders...we are a little behind right now with orders b/c we got in a bunch of tokidoki and gloomy bear stuff, and we were at JapanLA last night until 12am, checking it in and taking pictures for the blog. Today, I spent all day doing the blog, and taking pictures for the online store and updating the online store...So, Monday everything will go back to normal. Thanks for being patient...and I apologize if there was a couple day lag more than usual. So, check out the new stuff on the website www.japanla.com
  9. Yeahhh I would think it would get harder to do because of all the volume of orders and stuff now going through the online store. And, especially when it's just the two of you doing it...gosh I wish I had $$$. I'm dying for a hoodie lmfao. Must be...good...lol.
  10. Thanks Jamie! It was the first time I ordered and received an email that it had shipped, but wasn't sure about shipping times. I'll look out for my hoodie!! ;)