JapanLa Questions

  1. For those of you familiar with JapanLa, do they do charge/send? What payments do they take? :confused1:
  2. Yes, they chargesend!! They take credit cards, all kinds I think. I paid w/AMEX when I ordered my stuff. They're great Jamie is super nice!! :love:
  3. Same Here! I ordered my Tokidoki grey all over hoodie from them & a hat for my bf. Jaime is very nice & they ship really fast :smile: They're also very helpful if you're looking for things when you email them. (ie. I was looking for hats in certain sizes cuz my bf has a big head :x shh i didn't say that!) I think their online store is supposed to be up soon too - I can't wait! :smile:
  4. They wouldn't happen to take Paypal, would they?
  5. Oh, I don't know. They might. Why don't you send an email and ask info@japanla.com It's worth a shot! :yes:
  6. Ok. I will, thanks!! Do you know if they have men's tshirts? The girl shirts aren't going to fit me, but I still have my heart on a Toki shirt. And I'm still flitting around looking at the jewelry, so if they had that too, it'd be great. I like one stop shopping. :graucho:
  7. They do have men's t-shirts and they also have jewelry. :yes:

    I'm just curious what's the difference between paying w/paypal and a credit card? :shrugs:
  8. they do take paypal, that's how i paid for my stuff. =]

    and to me paying with paypal is easier coz it's just through the computer and i don't have to call and find all the numbers on my credit card etc., it's so much easier, just click and pay. ;)

    but i'm not a big phone person so... :rolleyes:
  9. I always use my debit Mastercard...haha if that made sense. Yes, please call Jamie and make an order :biggrin: That's like my most favoritest store in the whole wide world!! Almost all my tokidoki shirts are from there haha...and the jewelry..OMG, I think I spent like around $600 there already O__o Must STOP. HAHA. Anyways, the store has LOTS of tokidoki stuff, girl tees, boy tees, hats, jewelry, baby clothes, skate decks, posters and yeahh...I could go on and on about JapanLA even though I've never set foot in the store.
  10. i just spent 290$ at once over there :nuts:, well not everything is for me but still. :yes:

    they have all the cool jewelry, i'm thinking about emailing to ask for the rainbow necklace too. :shame:
  11. I know, that rainbow necklace is so cute! I just wish they used a pink instead of a yellow inside one of the rainbow stripe thingies.
  12. eh it's not even yellow, it's... orange?
    and the red one is so-so as well. they should have done it all in pink tones or just go full rainbow colors.

    it's still pretty, hard to resist, even though i'll have it on the playground bracelet. :graucho:
  13. I got an e-mail back from her. They don't take Paypal. :sad: I was just going to use my Paypal credit and get my stuff so I wouldn't have to wait until the end of the month and payday. Ah well. I'll just wait:push:
  14. wtf, i paid through paypal :wtf:

    maybe coz i paid through my credit card and not my paypal credit?
    though i don't see why would it matter to them.
  15. maybe they've had issues with paypal? how long ago did you pay them?

    anywhoo... I really need to head over there. Hopefully next weekend *crosses fingers*