JapanLA Party -June 2

  1. Hi.. is anyone in CA going to the JapanLA 1 year anniversary party? Here are the details.. http://www.cosplay.com/ You also have to rsvp (rsvp@japanla.com) and also let em know if you'll be entering the cosplay contest. I think I wanna go check it out!

    They're also getting new Toki shirts tomorrow too! :smile:
  2. omg that sounds like so much fun!!! You cali and west coast girls are so lucky. No wonder they made a toki tee that says "I :heart: L.A." .. you don't see one that says I :heart: NY .. lol

    whoever goes ... have funnn !!
  3. :yahoo:New to the board - but ME ME ME ME ME...I'm hoping to get a free gift bag...*crossing fingers*
  4. I can only WISH I were going. I got that email too...I hope they get the cactus kitty tee.

    Does anyone still have that picture of the new t-shirts? I Was trying to look through the threads but I can't remember who posted it and what thread it was in :sad: Maybe it was DreamsofToki or someone who did it? AWWW I want to see that pic agaain...anyone?
  5. i just rsvp'd. how many people can we invite? I wanna invite 14 peeps.. hahaha.. (typical flip huh) LMAO!
  6. theyre at tokiholics too! :yes:

    snif snif im farther than all of you. no japanla party or goodies for me. :crybaby: i want the online shop NOW!!
  7. ragdollia, where are you? lol.
  8. omg I posted in so many threads I can't remember what thread the tee shirt pics were in .. arghh
  9. *sigh* it's at times like this that i wish i lived on the west coast!
  10. i know, me too tokidokiangel!
  11. The cute t-shirts from eBay (one being ciao ciao on the candy cane) are in LatteGrl's "Summer 2007 Toki Clothing" thread.
  12. ^Thanks, but no that's not what I was talking about. I was talking about the new prints with 10 or so shirts on the picture.
  13. I WISH I WAS GOING!! :crybaby:

    But I cant. Summer school. Junk.

    I'm thinking about painting a munny doll for them.. shhhhh :whistle: but i gotta buy the naked one first.. Urbanz should have them next week

    whoever is going, take pics!! And post!
  14. Make me sad. I want to go. *sigh* hopefully we can go to Comic-con and JapanLA then.............
  15. I think I read about it and wanted to go but I think it said something about being 21 or older :sad: I'm only 20 and my bf is 19 haha so I don't think I'll be going :cry: