JapanLa Online is Up!

  1. Hi, I just got an e-mail from jamie saying that the online store is now up. :yahoo:
  2. :nuts:
  3. Yeah, Jamie posted last night on here to tell us..I think it's in the JapanLA Creativity Contest lol...but I think it's awesome the thing is finally up ^__^
  4. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I'm looking through everything!! :nuts:
  5. People are soo creative...makes me realize I really suck!
  6. It's OK Janice, I am not creative either.
  7. I'm soo happy their online shopping is finally up!! Be even better if there were discounts/sales :graucho: hahaha

    oh I need to check out the latest entries into the contest!!
  8. It's sooooooooooooooo beautiful...........
  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Anyone have a Redemption code to include in checkout? Thanks!