JapanLA + New Hoodies = :)

  1. All three hoodies are up on the website for preorder so get yourself one if you want, I just did!
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:You finally found it!!
  3. yes! i had it shipped to a friend though as I am moving this weekend and don't know the policy for packages at my new place!
    I am so excited!!!

    Happy Birthday to me.
  4. Here's what the long sleeve black hoodie looks like.

    Front, Front Logo, Back, Hood Detail

    DSC03348.JPG DSC03349.JPG DSC03350.JPG DSC03352.JPG
  5. there are also pics on 80spurple of all 3. they're out of sizes already though.
  6. ahhhh so tempting ... get it now? wait for a sale? lol .. so confused ...

  7. ohhhh now I would totally wear that one!! hmm wonder what size I am?? I have an xl in the sandy hoodie.

    damnit, why are you guys posting all these great things i want??

    I still haven't gotten anything on the lesportsac online sale.
  8. I really want one :sad:
  9. Socprof-- Congrats!! (and Happy Birthday!).... i hope your move this weekend goes smoothly :smile: moving is usually a bit crazy so G'luck!

  10. thank you it's a week from today, but I can celebrate early right?

    As for moving, let us hope it goes smoothly, I HATE moving.
  11. There are 5 new hoodies, and new shirts, a thermal shirt, a wool sweater, and more tshirts up on the website now. We just got this stuff in yesterday, and me, Steph, and Kei were at JapanLA till midnight checking it in and putting it away. So, whoever preordered, I will try to finish them before we open tomorrow and get them out to you asap. Everything is up on the blog now and the online store. www.japanla.com/blog
  12. angelic*ruin, i was just looking at that hoodie this morning, congrats, it's SOOO cute!!

    And just so ya'll know, karmaloop has it for $88 right now!