JapanLa has Tutti...

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  1. just thought i would let u all knw they put up a new blog... if this has been posted already delete it... :biggrin: byeee
  2. Does anyone know if they got in mamma mias? I tried sending them a message through their website and it came straight back to me saying that address info (at) japala (dot) com doesn't accept mail anymore. Weird...
  3. Sweet, I may go down there this weekend...I will report back if I do.
  4. Jamie's inbox fills up fast, keep trying or call and get an alternate email address- I know she has one for business I just forgot what it is.;)
  5. I think they've had tutti since before SDCC (a girl at the con said she got her bag there and I think that was on Thurs or Fri when I asked her... people probably saw her... she had the gioco) so they're probably running low on stock so I'd suggest calling ASAP
  6. Jamie told me they didn't get MM in Tutti.. =(
  7. leen: Thanks for the update!!