Japanese website with LOTS of eye candy

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  1. thanks for posting :smile:
  2. Japanese always do a great job for chanel and LV...thanks for the link!
  3. :nuts: I love this bag--what bag is it? What is the price? I think I might be slowly but surely coming over to the darks side--the CHANEL side!

  4. thanks for posting :smile:
  5. Thanks for the link. There are alot of drool worthy bags on that site! how I wish they could ship international!
  6. kinda looks like the diamond stitch tote!
  7. Thanks for posting this website!!!!!

    Of course I see a bag I love......and I just saw this on in the Chanel on 57th....the one I saw had gold hardware, I asked the SA if it came in silver hardware, and she was like "oh, no"..........ha! Now I see it here in silver!!!!!

    Does anyone know the name of this bag?

  8. Here's another shot of it:

  9. Thanks for posting. A great reference.
  10. The Japanese are great with designer brands. They have books and books dedicated to just photos of designer bags and additional information. They're not Lookbooks per se, they're just sold at regular newsstands or book stores.
  11. This is the new "Timeless CC" small tote, it is FREQUENTLY mistaken for the "NEW petit shopping tote" or "new GST". The size is between petit and grand shopping tote. It's $1825 and comes in patent, white and black.

  12. Thanks absolutanne !!!! :wlae:
  13. ^^ You're welcome. :smile:
  14. That bag came in for cruise. I tried it, really liked it, but decided it was too small for me. Not that it is a small bag... just a bit too small for what I wanted.