Japanese supercatalogues - any recommendations?

  1. There are a couple of sellers that have these on eBay, although the shipping is usually very high. Any recommendation of which one or which seller is best? Of course, if someone has one they are finished with and is willing to recycle....please PM me. Thanks.
  2. Someone asked about this a few weeks ago, to bad we can't do searches. Apparently Amazon Japan sells them online for cheaper and they will send to US
  3. Are you in the US?
  4. I remember hearing there is a bookstore that sells these in the US? I could be wrong though. I love those catalogues, but like you said the shipping is always so high.
  5. jedimaster, thanks for starting this thread and KallieGirl thanks for the link! I just ordered one from Amazon.jp. $40 incl. shipping.
  6. Hey, that was me who was asking! I got it and enjoy looking through it. DH thinks I'm nuts. Have fun browsing!
  7. I saw one of these once but it was in Japanese so I could not understand it. What is it? are the bags real?
  8. Yes they are real. I think they are just catalogues of consignment stores:confused1:
  9. Great! I'm glad you were able to still order it. Mine came very, very quickly... actually quicker than I get things from the U.S. Amazon!

    Hope you enjoy it!! :tup:
  10. My book (read: large magazine) arrived today and it is fabulous! It doesn't matter that I can't read 99% of the text - the pictures make this worth every penny. I don't think there's an H. product not shown somewhere in its pages (except the Lindy). It's fun to look at the various styles in different leathers all in one place, and they have pages of bags and other H. goods broken down by style, color, fabrics, exotics.

    Thanks again jedimaster and KallieGirl!:tup:
  11. I ordered the catalog on Ebay about a month ago, I Love It! Even though I can't read it, I love looking at the pictures. I think it was well worth the money since I waste more money on magazines that I read once and then throw away. This catalog I refer to over and over and enjoy it more each time.
  12. i have one myself too. haha i cant read it either but the eye candy definitely makes up for it.

    The H products in there are all so gorgeous... especially all the different types of Birkins and Kellys
  13. I've got one too.. It is a great tool to browse through different colors and styles. Mostly I look at the pics and daydream about my next dream buy.. I ordered it through ebay, was less than 50$ and it came within a week from Singapore.