Japanese Street Chic !

  1. I'm always looking for inspiration for my work in fashion, so, I like to see what's going on the streets in other countries.
    The fashion in Japan is so unique and colourful I love it !!! :love:


  2. That's the inspiration for Gwen Stefani's clothing line. I believe it's called Harijuku. Correct me if I'm wrong please :biggrin:
  3. i :love: japanese fashion too! it`s constantly changing and so cutting-edge :lol::lol:

    pursegalsf I think ur right. Gwen's clothing line Harajuku Lovers is Japanese-inspired and very cute! I have one of their t-shirts :amuse:.
  4. It's so unique and kind of uniform.
  5. :nuts: I love anything japanese inspired. I went to Japan two years ago and plan on going again this summer. The Harajuku girls are edgy,fun to watch and really cool. Thanks for the info on this website. I have already sent the link to two of my friends.:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  6. One of my closest friends is moving to Tokyo this year with his son. They visited there a few months back and I just saw the video. I love Japanese style! My friend bought back jeans and Adidas sneakers that you will never see here. I'm going to miss him but can't wait to visit. I really look forward to taking my daughter shopping in Tokyo!
  7. Here's another site I love to browse at.. They have different styles... my fav are the Ginza outfits.. Japanese women are just sooo chic... I travel to Asia every yr and they have the best outfits... they are dressed to impress even thru the long 18hr airplane ride!!

  8. I love the Ginza outfits as well! The women are so chic, love the white Birkin that one girl is carrying :biggrin:
  9. OMG I love Japan! The shopping there completely blew my mind. Its like living in a giant video game, lol.
  10. Your welcome,

    One of my dearest friends Hiromi lives in Kyoto Japan, I love to visit her and her family.

    I love the fact that on the streets they are not afraid of colours and textures.
  11. Well you all need to come to Japan and let me know..so I can meet you all on the mainland...Pacific Purse Party anyone?:biggrin:
  12. ^ Ohh I want to go!!!

    I love their fashion- so edgy!
  13. I've always loved the fashion in Japan! Those girls have some seriously wicked style! I cannot say enough good things. It blows my mind, and I honestly just wish I have a portion of their style sense!

    Isn't Harajuku a shopping area? Anyhoo, I wanna go there badly!

    Apparently today i like the mens fashion better, and the last one of the two girls is a little crazy, but I still love it, good for them! hehe

    Also OT but I totally dig how girls who don't live in Canada/America hold hands! I think its the cutest. If I tried to do that to one of my girlfriends they'd prob. slap me! lol
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  15. Stellar websites! I love all the styles! I tell my husband we are going to Japan verrrry soon whether he likes it or not!!