Japanese or asian brand cosmetics- Any fans here?

  1. Another Shu Umera fan here. I also like Amore Pacific--is that from Japan?
    • Fasio Powerstay Mascara 3D + Air Tech Curl
    • The Face Shop Stick Eyeshadows
    • Dodo Company Palgontong Makeup Theatrical Powder
    • Kate (by Kanebo) Eyeshadows
    • Shiseido moisturizers, purifying mask, etc.
    :yes: I like all of these. The makeup seems to have a lot more staying power than American and European makeup brands, I guess it's because they are made with a humid climate in mind?
  2. I love Cle De Peau Cleanser ;)
  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Kanebo haha
  4. for sure.


    shu uemura, shiseido, kanebo (those 2 have tons of sub brands) t'estimo, jill stuart, aube. i love japanese mu

    have used sofina
  5. i've tried the majorlica stuff and thinks that the packaging is really sweet and quality to be not bad and anna sui, does it count? they have the cutest stuff.
  6. I love products from the Face Shop, a Korean brand. They are modestly priced and actually work!
  7. I'm an Asian woman but I rarely used any Asian brands. I use some whitening line for Asian skin but not Asian brands.

    Got some Shiseido makeup.
  8. I love shiseido and SK-II.
  9. some shiseido
  10. i use shiseido's unti dullness cream :smile:
    where can i get that korean brand skin care product??
  11. I am completely devoted to Shiseido. Even though my skintone is "western" It's the only brand that matches me flawlessly and makes my skin look perfect without looking like I'm even wearing foundation.

    Oh, and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler is the only curler I've found that doesn't pinch my eyes!
  12. Shiseido.Ive tried every brand there was , but shiseido is best for my skin type.love it!
  13. Love Shu Uemura!
  14. Shu uemura & Shiseido all the way :biggrin: