Japanese or asian brand cosmetics- Any fans here?

  1. Hi everyone, saw a lot of posts on western brands here. So i m wondering if there's any fan of Japanese products? Lemme start first! i like Laneige skincare (Korea) n Majolica Majorca (by Shiseido) cosmetics.. Any good brands that you've tried? :nuts:
  2. I love Fiberwig mascara!
  3. oh yeah, now tht u say it, i like my Kanebo Kate dollish long mascara with fibrewig. hehe
  4. Has anyone tried visee?
  5. i love shu uemura, shiseido, SK-II, and Kanebo brands
  6. i love shiseido
  7. Love Shu uemura, shiseido, anna sui.
  8. i like shiseido!
  9. Love shu uemura and Shiseido!
  10. Isn't Palladio Japanese? Why do I think that? Maybe because of the pictures on their rice powder?

    By the way, their highlighter that comes in the big compact is great. The shade I get is called golden glow or something, it looks like very pale pressed powder with just a bit of shimmer.
  11. I like Majolica Majorca, Aque Label, Kate, Sofina, Maquillage, DHC, Fancl and more...haha
  12. i use laneige too... i have several skin care products and cosmetics. i've also used enprani, mamonde, iope, etude, missha (Korean brands)

    as for japanese brands, i've used shiseido, kose, kanebo, shu uemura
  13. I use Shiseido mascara! I guess that counts a little, no?
  14. I have a really nice 3-in-1 face cream from Eyeko. It's a moisturizer, highlighter, and eye cream all in one. The cream itself looks really pink and shimmery, but when you put it on, it's completely natural looking and not at all greasy.
  15. I love most of Cle de Peau make-up.