Japanese LV help

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  1. My mom is over there now, is there anything that I can ask her to get that we don't have over here, and won't get over here

    Damier Neverfull?????
  2. You're so lucky, I would ask for the watercolor speedy size 30....and pick one up for me too, lol !!!!
  3. My mom and best friend are in Japan right now too, but they both despise LV so I didn't even bother to ask haha
  4. Check the Japanese LV site and see if there's any limited editions out there that we won't get over here in the West. Good luck! :nuts:
  5. if you like small bags, a damier sophie, maybe?
  6. envy u having your mum over there. u could get alot of stuffs there man.
  7. Definitely get the WC speedy 30.
  8. Beaubourg? It's in both Monogram and Damier ebene print.

    Seems that it's only available on the Japan site
  9. I just called LV in Ginza, (Tokyo) to check about the Damier Neverfull.

    Unfortunately, she SA said there is NO release date yet. Sorry ladies! :tdown:
  10. I will get the watercolor VVN here, if I decide to take it on May 1st, if not I will give it to my cousin. And I have tried the Japan website, problem is I don't read Japanese ...I saw the Beauborg but am not very impressed by it........
    @LVBastille- Your mom would go for you, she luvs ya
  11. try Sophie or wait for damier Neverful relese date :smile:
    and if it will be able, for sure watercolour speedy 30.
  12. Damier Neverfull is set to launch on May 16th (Japan, Hawaii, Guam, & Saipan). Also, if I'm not mistaken the Sophie has been sold out for a long time already.
  13. Just be aware you can only get the watercolor VVN here in a size 35. It's only available in the 30 in Japan.
  14. Oh the 30 would be nice, I will tell my mom to inquire.......maybe they will charge send as she will be back by then(but she did already buy something earlier this week) thanks ladies