Japanese Hibiscus silk scarf

  1. Got this blue silk scarf today

  2. I like that scarf!!!!! Do you mind me asking what the retail price of this item is?
  3. ooh- it's lovely! I've never seen one before- looks kinda like an obi belt.
  4. Very nice, congrats! You don't see that one too often!
  5. it does look very Japanesy. they've got ties in this print too. but i like it as a bandeau. congrats!
  6. :nuts:Didn't realize it comes in navy.Love the design.:love:
  7. Wow, it's so beautifully Japanesish, reminds me of their family crests a lot. Congrats!!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats.
  9. so pretty, congrats!!
  10. oooh, it's pretty! I have never seen that before!
  11. wow its really pretty, thanks for the pics and congrats!
  12. Ooh that is pretty! Congrats!
    I saw the design on the tie, thought it kinda loud for business wear, but looks fab as a bandeau! :tup:
  13. LOVE it!!
  14. :drool: love it! if you don't mind, i'm curious about the price too. this is gorgeous!
  15. LoVe it!