Japanese hair straightening

  1. There's this system called the Japanese hair straightening system, and it basically deconstructs and reconstructs your hair from something to something that is completely and utterly straight.

    It's a permanent straightening system, and it differs from the relaxers somehow.

    I'm considering trying it out someday to see what it's like. Has anyone ever had that done? Or heard about it? If so, what's your thoughts on it?
  2. have you tried doing a search? It's come up quite a bit :yes:
  3. Bonding? My cousin got it done in Hawaii for like a hundred something, her hair is gorgeous now. Its soo like straight, sleek, flowy, and soft!!!!! I would love to do that to my hair, well if I had any hahaha.
  4. it's called thermal reconditioning. doesn't dry your hair out like relaxers. takes about 4 hours (for me) and runs around $600 (with my cut). it lasts 6-7 months.
  5. I have been doing it twice a year for 5 years and love it. No more curls, frizz or fighting the humidity. If you google "thermal reconditioning" you will find lots of information and pics. Just make sure you go to someone who is experienced so that they don't over or underprocess your hair.
    It's worth traveling to a large city to have someone good do it.
  6. I've done something called "Smoothing"
    it's better that bonding because it wont damage ur hair, but make it smoother and straighten it..and it could last for about 6-8months..
  7. A lot of girls in Hawaii do it. The results are amazing! You'll have to go back to get your roots done when your hair grows out but those touch ups are cheaper. Just make sure you choose someone to do it whose work you've seen.
  8. is this like yuko?
  9. Yes. Yuko is one of the manufacturer's of the system.
  10. I had this done awhile back and loved it! I have thick wavy hair and after I had the thermal reconditioning done it was amazingly straight and didnt feel or look dry at all. I could just wake up in the morning and my hair would be straight!!! You definitely have to get your roots redone after 6 months or so since it doesnt look great when your roots are wavy and the rest of your hair is straight. I wasnt able to redo my roots since I got pregnant and it was a pain to have to use the straight iron to touch up the roots every morning. If you have naturally wavy hair, you will really love this!!!
  11. I've had it done twice and LOVED it! It was only $100 in Taiwan and the other time in Shanghai. So many people get it done in Asia that its super cheap. I'm going to get it done again this summer when I go visit. My friend got it done in the San Jose for $300 + $100 for haircut & tip. Try an Asian salon since it would be much cheaper and the stylists should be more experienced at it. It does take at least 4-5 hours for the whole process...bring snacks!
  12. koreans call it "magic straight" and you sit with chemical in your hair for like 2-4hrs and it'll come out shiny and straight for 6-8mos! cost $200+ depending on how long your hair is

    very popular among asian countries and asian salons in america already
  13. I have naturally curly hair and have tried Japanese hair straightening method when I was 16 years old and since then I have had straight hair (now 23 yrs old). It wasn't pricey back then, I think it costs like $150, but they spend like 3-4 hours working on it plus your hair is permenantly straight, so I guess it really worths it!!!! vbmenu_register("postmenu_2055578", true); vbmenu_register("postmenu_2055578", true);
  14. it works quite well, but when your hair grows, it can be a bit weird. i find it quite pricey in the states (well over $100 at asian salons. i dont even know about non-asian owned salons). in asia it is quite cheap, under $100 =)
  15. Is it true, though, that you hair must be "virgin" (no bleach or dye)?