Japanese hair straightening salon recommendations in LA or South Bay?

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  1. Can anyone please recommend salons/stylists in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills/South Bay area that perform the Japanese hair straightening process? Thanks!:smile:
  2. i want to know more about this process. IS this HORRIBLE for your hair?
  3. My sister had this done until she started to go more grey. I don't think you are supposed to do both so she opted for color. It also made her hair too straight...it would never do anything else except just hang there. She always had it in a pony tail...
  4. I hear that Brazilian Blow Dry is much better for the hair versus the Japanese process.
  5. I've gotten my hair straigthened at two salons in the la area. One is J's studio (theyre located in rowland heights) and they are an authentic japanese salon. The owner (forgot her name - shes a short lady with long hair) goes to japan every few months and does shows. She did my hair and it turned out pretty well.
    The other place I recommend is chez moi, although, I believe they've since changed their name after merging with another salon. They are located in Monterey Park. Ask for demi, she does a pretty good job too. Other than those two, some of the other salons I've been too dont really know what they're doing. My hair ends up being too straight and frizzy - which means they've overdone it with the products and heat.
  6. my friend did it in julie q in mt view.
  7. i would recommend Joe Kanno at Giuseppe Franco in BH...his prices now start at around 450 USD i think?

    i used to go to him all the time when I was in L.A....he's super nice, down to earth and my hair always came out pin straight perfect, no damage!