Japanese fashion!!! where to buy?

  1. I'm addicted to a japanese fashion magazine called "vivi." The clothes in there are just unbelievably cute!!!

    But, where can I find the same/similar clothing styles without flying to japan (i don't have time this summer:tdown:)? Any online retailers or stores in the US that i don't know about? Do share please! :heart:
  2. Are we talking about designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons?

    If so, then www.yoox.com has some great things in the Japanese designer arena.

  3. I buy from yesstyle all the time! especially their blouses and tops. My only complaint is that they take a long time to ship 7-14 days + 2-3 days for shipment to arrive.
  4. ^
    Hey, I know Vivi from the features including Ayumi Hamasaki and she wears a lots of luxury brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton. Especially with LV, you'd easily be on your way to a "japanese style" as almost half of the japanese women owns an LV item. ;) Good Luck!
  5. I love vivi and classy...!!!
  6. I always hire a personal shopper to buy clothing in Japan and ship it to me.. Express mail is pretty high.. basically I can buy any wear from Shibuya Japan.. but just have to show pictures^^ Their fee is about $7 U.S. per item.. but JP clothing is not cheap.. basically, is like 70-80 sometimes more depends on what you buy.
  7. how's the quality on japanese clothing? Especially at the websites that have been recommended. TIA!
  8. thanks for sharing. i would have never known about this site. i found some really cute tops and dresses.:yahoo:
  9. A lot of that stuff looks llike you can buy it at F21 or H&M here in the States. I don't get it.
  10. i know what you mean... F21 carries a lot of the styles on that website.

    isn't all about how you put it together anyway?
    "vivi" uses a lot of accessories on their models, so maybe that's the appeal.
  11. lol.. it's true that alot of styles are like F21 or H&M, but I think 1. JP clothing has better quality 2. It's harder to see anyone else with the exact same outfit as you do..

    I really hate it when I purchased something I love and wear it.. but then you also see some other girl wearing it too.. it's ok if the girl is hot.. but then.. if the girl is really poor in dressing.. it kinda makes me wonder if I have a bad taste... maybe it's just me..lol
  12. Zipia.net

    ...is a Korean website but they have such nice clothes, very similar to Japanese styles. They do ship overseas but it's $500US minimum order I think? Maybe you could get some people to chip in with you? Oh, and you have to register and login to view the prices - kind of annoying but once you do you'll be adding everything to your basket. Most pieces are around $20-30US!
  13. i'm like that too :p