Japanese Dramas

  1. I noticed there's a huge following in the Korean Drama thread. I was wondering if any of you watch Japanese dramas?

    My all time favorite dramas has to be Orange Days and Tiger & Dragon.

    This season I'm really enjoying Ashita no Kita Yoshio and Bara no nai Hanaya.

    Are there are other jdrama lovers out there? :smile:
  2. Me. =) I'm a fan of J-dramas, however, I stopped watching them for a while now. If I remember correctly, the last 2 shows I watched were "Beauty & The Beast" (Fukuyama Masaharu & Matsushima Nanako) and "Beautiful Life" (Kimura Takuya & Tokiwa Takako). I plan on seeing "White Tower" in the near future, I love the Korean remake so much.

    My very 1st j-drama was "Oshin", but it was "Tokyo Love Story" (Oda Yuji & Suzuki Honami) that got me completely hooked. I became a huge fan of Suzuki Honami (rented every drama of hers that was available at my local video store), TLS remains my all-time favorite j-drama. I really like "Say You Love Me" (Toyokawa Etsushi, Tokiwa Takako), "Below The Same Roof part 1" (Eguchi Yosuke, Fukuyama Masaharu, Sakai Noriko), etc. I followed many dramas from writers Kitagawa Eriko (Asunaro Hakusho, Say You Love Me, Long Vacation, Beautiful Life), Nojima Shinji (High School Teacher, 101st Marriage Proposal, Below the Same Roof).

    My favorite J-movie is Love Letter (Nakayama Miho), she's my favorite Japanese actress. =)
  3. bag.lover: wow you know your old school dramas. i used to watch them on a local channel when i was younger. then i stopped for a while and only recently (within the past year and half) discovered them online. my favorites from before were midday moon, glass slippers, and midsummer proposal. i'm not sure what their original japanese titles were, those were the titles the channel gave them.

    nojima shinji has a drama this season: bara no nai hanaya. its doing pretty well so far!
  4. what about HANA YORI DANGO I&II?
    love those
  5. i actually loved hana yori dango 1. 2 was a little outrageous. but god i loved the eye candy on that show :shame: shun oguri and jun matsumoto are just so CUTE!
  6. ITA:graucho:
  7. i have only seen a few Japanese dramas... most recently Hana Yori Dango 2 last year... i haven't kept up with the latest ones as i don't have as much time to watch tv at all lately, other than a few American reality shows.
  8. ========================================
    (source: TOKYOGRAPH News)
    Toshiaki Karasawa to star in "20th Century Boys"
    Sun, February 3, 2008 (4:51pm EST)

    A cast announcement for the live-action version of "20th Century Boys" was made on Sunday. Toshiaki Karasawa will star as the main character Kenji Endo, while Etsushi Toyokawa plays Otcho and Takako Tokiwa plays Yukiji.

    Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, the film adaptation is based on Naoki Urasawa's popular manga of the same name, a sci-fi suspense story that has Kenji and his friends trying to save the world from destruction. Urasawa himself is involved in the screenplay.

    The manga is actually being adapted as a trilogy of films, with the first one being released on August 30. Part 2 is scheduled for the spring of 2009, and Part 3 will follow in the fall. The total budget for the project is a massive 6 billion yen, possibly making it the biggest domestic production of this year.

    Filming for the first two movies started on Sunday and is expected to wrap up in late June. Part 3 is scheduled to be shot from mid-August to late October. Filming is taking place in a total of at least 7 countries, as the movies will include scenes of various parts of the world collapsing.

    It was also announced that the theme song for the first movie will be the 1973 hit "20th Century Boy" by the English rock band T. Rex. That song provided the inspiration for Urasawa's original manga.

    The international popularity of the manga has reportedly led to distribution offers in 34 countries so far.

    Original in Japanese: http://www.sanspo.com/geino/top/gt200802/gt2008020400.html
    English translation: http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-2498

    (source: sina)
    唐泽寿明丰川悦司合作 拍板主演《20世纪少年》

    新浪娱乐讯 漫画家浦泽直树的人气作品《20世纪少年》落实开拍三部曲真人版电影,一如传闻,唐泽寿明将出演男主角,肩负拯救世界重任,其他要角则由丰川悦司和常盘贵子等担纲。《20》片制作费高达六十亿日圆(约四亿三千七百万港元),并已在前天开镜。


  9. ^ Wonderful cast! Been a fan of Toshiaki Karasawa (White Tower, Delicious Relationship) since "Tokyo Cinderella Story / Imouto Yo". Love...Love Etsushi Toyokawa (especially) & Takako Tokiwa in "Say You Love Me"!!

    Kekee. I stopped for a while so I'm only familiar with the older titles.
    Is Glass Slippers this drama? If yes, it's also known as "Tokyo Cinderella Story".

    I think one of the reasons I took a long break from J-dramas was most of my favorite stars 'kind of' retire. Plus, recent casts are more of idol-types for me to get into. For recent dramas, I heard a lot of "1 Litre of Tears" and "Nodame Cantabile". During this long break, I got into Korean dramas; they start becoming somewhat similar after a while too. =(

    Did you see last season's Galileo? The lead actor's my idol (not the best actor/singer, but I like him) since the early 90's (all b/c of "Hitotsu Yane no ****a part 1"). Embarassed.

    I have always wanted to see "White Tower", but I kept putting it off. The Korean remake was great, the lead actor gave an amazing performance. I have to give myself some time before seeing the original Japanese version.

    Thanks for recommending Nojima's new drama & starting this thread.
    I'm scared that I'll be back into J-dramas again, J-ent's an expensive hobby. Everything's pricey, I remember spending so much $$ on mags, CDs then. Sigh...
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    (source: VARIETY)
    Karasawa's the 'Boy' for Toho film
    Actor to star in sci-fi trilogy


    TOKYO -- Toshiaki Karasawa will topline Toho's sci-fi trilogy "20th Century Boy."

    The trilogy's budget is 6 billion yen ($57 million), with shoots skedded for seven countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Thailand and China. Produced by Nobuyuki Iinuma, Toho will release the first pic Aug. 30.

    The trilogy is based on a hit comic by Naoki Urasawa that ran in Big Comic Spirits magazine from 1999 to 2006 and has sold 20 million copies in paperback.

    Pic is about a store manager (Karasawa) who wrote a prediction about the end of the world when he was a teenager, which seems to be coming true. Also starring in the pics are Etsushi Toyokawa and Takiko Tokiwa.

    The role is Karasawa's first star turn in a pic in five years, though he is a frequent presence in TV drama, including the 2007 hit Fuji TV series "Galileo."

    Posted: Mon., Feb. 4, 2008, 2:56pm PT


  11. :lol: I like Japanese dramas, but I found myself when I was living Japan that I ended up watching more Korean dramas by far than Japanese ones.

    However, I think there are a few great standouts:

    Suppli (Supplement) - Kamenashi Kazuya (of KAT-TUN fame) was lovely in this
    Tatta Hitosu no Koi - another Kamenashi one, very tender love story
    Boys Este - developing well so far
    Hotaru no Hikari - this just hit home since I'm such a slob in my house and try to dress well out of it :lol:
    Brand - (an older woman refusing to give up her career and marry, falls for her intern)

    ...what are your favorites/recommendations?
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    (source: VARIETY)
    Ken Watanabe set for 'Shanghai'
    Actor joins Gong Li, John Cusack in drama


    The Weinstein Co. has set Ken Watanabe to join John Cusack and Gong Li in “Shanghai,” a period drama that will begin shooting in China next month. Mikael Hafstrom, who helmed Cusack in the Dimension hit “1408,” will direct a script by Hossein Amini.

    Pic, which will shoot in Shanghai, is produced by Mike Medavoy and Barry Mendel. Arnie Messer is exec producer.

    English-language film is the biggest project so far mounted by TWC through its Asian fund.

    The drama, set four months prior to Dec. 7, 1941, follows an American who returns to a corrupt, Japan-occupied Shanghai to discover his friend has been killed. While trying to solve the murder, he falls in love and discovers a much larger secret that his own government is hiding.

    Posted: Sun., Feb. 3, 2008, 11:45am PT


  13. ========================================
    Kaneshiro and Matsu face off in "Fiend"

    Written by Mark Schilling
    Friday, 14 December 2007

    TOKYO -- Takeshi Kaneshiro and Takako Matsu will star in "K-20: Kaijin niju menso den" (The Fiend With Twenty Faces), a mystery inspired by the work of Japanese scribe Edogawa Rampo.

    Based on a novel by So Kitamura that uses Rampo's most famous characters, pic is set in a fictional Japanese city in 1949. Kaneshiro plays the titular master criminal and Matsu his victim. Toro Nakamura co-stars as a detective.

    Shimako Sato will helm the film, while Robot Communication will handle production chores, with shooting skedded to start in January and wrap in April. Among members of the production consortium are the NTV network and Toho, which is planning to release the pic in December 2008.

    The budget has not yet been announced.


  14. ========================================
    "Tokyo Tower" leads Japan Awards race

    Written by Mark Schilling
    Wednesday, 19 December 2007

    TOKYO -- The Nippon Academy-sho Association has announced its noms for the 31st Japan Academy Awards, with the biggest haul, thirteen noms, going to "Tokyo Tower, Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad."

    Helmed by Joji Matsuoka, the pic stars Joe Odagiri as a struggling illustrator and Kirin Kiki as the cancer-afflicted mother he cares for when she comes from her native Kyushu to Tokyo for treatment. Based on a best-selling autobiographical novel by illustrator and media personality Lily Franky, the pic was preceded by a hit TV drama.

    Picking up twelve noms was "Always 2," the sequel to the hit ensemble drama about life in 1950s Tokyo that scooped twelve Japan Academy Awards for 2005.

    Third in the AA race, with eleven noms, was "I Just Didn't Do It," helmer Masayuki Suo's courtroom drama about a salaryman falsely accused of groping a teenage girl in a commuter train.

    A total of 189 Japanese pics and 272 foreign pics were considered for the noms. The awards will be presented on February 15, 2008.

    2007 Japan Academy Awards nominations

    Best Picture
    Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me and Sometimes Dad
    Always 2
    I Just Didn't Do It

    Best Actor
    Koji Yakusho
    Sadao Abe
    Joe Odagiri
    Ryo Kase
    Hidetaka Yoshioka

    Best Actress
    Kirin Kiki
    Shinobu Terajima
    Miki Nakatani
    Rie Miyazawa

    Best Director
    Isshin Inudo (Bizan)
    Yuichi Sato (Kisaragi)
    Masayuki Suo (I Just Didn't Do It)
    Joji Matsuoka (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me and Sometimes Dad)
    Takashi Yamazaki (Always 2)

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 December 2007 )


  15. bag.lover: i have two more episodes of galileo to watch. it started off really interesting, but i think they ran out of ideas towards the end. love the chemistry between the two leads. nodame cantabile is a great show. a bit on the silly side (based on a manga), but i find it really entertaining and its touching when they do have serious moments.

    mewlicious: my all time favorite dramas are orange days and tiger & dragon. ones i'd recommend: nodame cantablie, my boss my hero, himitsu no hanazono, hana yori dango 1 & 2 (for some really juicy outrageous drama and eye candy), and liar game.