japanes to buy max 2 products at louis vuitton

  1. Hello all,
    it appeared to me that japanese people are only allowed to buy two louis vuitton products, at at least in the champs elysees,paris store at vuitton. Is this true, and if yes, can someone tell me what is the reason ?
    regards, karin1
  2. I have seen this happen for years to Japanes customers - four shops in London and one in Rome so one day l asked the LV asst and they said it was to do with the items being resold. If you live outside europe you can claim your tax back and in the UK this is 17.5%. When l was in Rome the other year l did say to the sales asst that it was a shame that uk residents do'nt get tax free benefits and to my suprise she gave me a black epi purse as a gift.
  3. whoa! an epi purse as a gift?
  4. Was it the VIP Epi mini zip pouch? I used to have on in the yellow epi color.
  5. I think it could be, it's black. I was shocked when she gave it to me. I have purchased loads of items in London and never got so much as a thank you but then thats London for you!
  6. last time I checked, thats called discrimination! But, I bet they do it and get away with it.... probably depends on the SA you get.
  7. Not that I'm supporting that (completly hypothetical), but what if you had a brand that was highly counterfeited, and a certain continent (Asia) was open to counterfeiting and made bags to bear your name and to make money off of your name. Wouldn't you kind of watch out for them too?
  8. Discrimination is ILLEGAL! Yes, it is right to go after people who make counterfits but not in such a way that makes innocent people bear the results of that. Not that the world is even close to fair, but it isn't right that a white person can go in and purchase 5 LV's but Asians would be given a hard time even buying 2 simply because the color of their skin. Asia isn't the only continent that produced fakes. :shrugs: *cough... Italy*
  9. When people associate fakes of anything, they think of Asia, mostly China. Italy doesn't come to mind. They even make the fakes in Mexico. Also, I know it's illegal, but a business has the right to deny service to anyone. Unfortunatly, the discrimination law doesn't apply to consumers, only to employment and membership. I don't think they are saying all Asians can only purchase 2. They are basing it on if they are "tourist".
  10. I don't think you should use the "Asia" term so generally in the counterfeiting sense. Only a few countries in Asia produce fakes. You make it sound like the entire continent and its many countries agree to and promote fakes or something. And this thread is about Japan anyway. Japan is certainly not into fakes. They are large into reselling, though, which is the point of the maximum buying limit in their stores.

    I doubt that every other LV store in Asia has a buying limit of 2 as well, but perhaps some?
  11. Very sad.
  12. I've heard about this too and was surprised!
  13. doesn't it applies to all tourists who claim VAT?
  14. My friend and I noticed that they seemed to target just Asians at the LV store, which sux b/c if you're American-Asian, and have no clue about the whole story about them wanting to lockdown the business of the Japanese coming to buy-to-resell back in Japan, then you may be singled out for no apparent reason. :yucky:

    I have no idea how they enforce that policy because they would have to basically racially profile people, which last time I checked in France, was ILLEGAL. :cursing:

    My friend Samantha did make the joke though that LV practiced the art of profiling through their online tool : http://www.alllooksame.com LoL :roflmfao: Take the test and find out what I'm talking about ! :roflmfao: