Japan Yahoo Auctions....HELP

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  1. OMG so I just found my HG bag there thanks to a fellow TPFer pointing it out to me but I dont have an address in Japan NOR do I know how to read japanese to communicate with the seller and work out the buying details.

    Ive lost out on this bag sooo many times now it hurts and ive seen other pals get theirs and would really love to be able to finally add her to my collection.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    I know a few girls on here recently managed to find their HG bags from japan yahoo auctions...soo...yap, im really hoping i can finally hold this HG bag of mine in my hands and know it is mine :smile:

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hey ! To communicate you can try http://google.fr/translate_t . I use it to translate yahoo japan auctions all the time... But unfortunately they often don't ship to foreign countries so you need to ask them by sending a message. Hope you'll get your bag!
  3. cory..i'm battling the same issue..i have someone who lives in Japan..but he doesn't care about this..hiks hikss..hope you can get your HG bag! Good Luck
  4. ^^thanks everyone for the feedback :smile:
  5. calisnoopy, hope someone here can help you! (wish i could but i don't know any japanese, sorry) hope you get your holy grail! good luck!
  6. ^^thanks Gigi!!!!
  7. Hey Cory, is it the one I am thinking it is .... ? :heart: I SO SO SO hope it works out for you ... I am keeping my fingers crossed, please keep us updated! :yes:
  8. Hi Cory, I know which auction you are talking about. There is a option at the top to translate to English. Hope that helps.
  9. Calis, I use an auction service. PM me if you are still looking for a solution. This service is very reliable but you have to pay a fee.

    I bought one of my dream tweed bags there recently for my tweed bag collection - number of mem bers proudly increases to...4! :yahoo:
  10. I hope it works out for you and get your HG!

    Sending positive vibes your way!
  11. thanks lanier...btw your bag is beautiful heehee...i mean you know which new one im referring to :smile:

    thanks mon heehee...ur probably hoping i finally get the bag so i wont be pestering you anymore to authenticate others LOL

    thanks Miffy--PMed you back

    thanks Regina07 :smile:
  12. good luck calsnoopy!