Japan vs. normal Agenda Refill?

  1. im looking at the online cat. and it shows two types of pocket agenda refills, a normal version and a japan version, anyone know what the difference is, im not seeing any? thxs
  2. There is no difference in the actual agenda pages, or if there is it's minimal and not relevant to usage if you are english speaking. The ordering forms that are included in the refills at quarterly(?) intervals are in full japanese though.
  3. I have the Japan edition and the only difference is, is that it lists all the Japanese national holidays-no U.S. ones; at least you can impress your friends with your knowledge of Japanese holidays!

  4. do thye have SPECIAL edition?:p
  5. Ok, sorry, I'm a dope, but what do you mean? I got sold this one, I think, cause it was the only one they left in the store to fit my agenda. Is that what you mean?
  6. oh thxs guys! helped
  7. Yeah I was given the japanese one once it makes no difference to usage it's only the holidays like mentioned above