Japan Vs Australian pricing?

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
    Hi All,

    This is a very specific question so I'm hoping someone here can help...

    I'd like to buy a Neverfull and am wondering if I should purchase it in Australia and claim back the GST (10%) when I leave the country or buy it in Japan?

    I can't check the Japanese pricing, but in AU incl GST...

    MM w/ pouch $1450
    MM w/out pouch $1210

    Can anyone help with the Japanese pricing? And I can look it up but if you happen to know... is there sales tax in Japan that is claimable when you leave the country?


  2. Here is the price on the Japan site for the one with the pouch. I couldn't find the one with no pouch on the site. I don't know the current exchange rate between Australia and Japan right now but you should be able to look it up on xe.com. It's a currency exchange site.
    I think the tax is still 5% right now but it's supposed to go up to 8% sometime this year. The price shown on the website includes the tax.
    In my experience only certain stores are duty free and you need to go to their duty free counter the same day and show your receipts for purchases above 10000円. But this is mostly department stores. I haven't purchased anything at an LV store in Japan because it's more expensive than the US so I am not sure if they offer duty free rebates. Some department stores have LV boutiques inside them but you would have to make sure that your purchase qualifies for duty free with the SA first just in case.
  3. Thanks so very much! Looks like it'll be cheaper to buy in AU... who'd have thought!

  4. I know for sure that Japan is always more expensive than USA for LV. That's why a lot of the tourist from Japan buy their bags in Hawaii. Plus Hawaii is a little cheaper than mainland US. We even bought a bag for a friend in Japan a few years ago when the exchange rate was better for Japan. It was almost like getting 20% off because it was 80 yen to $1 instead of 100 yen to a $1 now.
  5. i believe au is cheaper based from past experiences