Japan trip, what 3 Birkins to buy???

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  1. Well DH has confirmed it, in about 2 weeks we will be heading out to Japan (visiting my sister in law)! I'm excited because now I get to take me time and check out all the resell shops:yahoo:. Of course I will stop by H to take a look at what they have. DH has "given" me some purse money...sooo I want to get some more Birkins! I need opinions on some colors, leathers, hardware combo's. What do you guys think of the colors Fushia, Vert Anis, and Chocolate? Size 35cm? I've already experienced Togo and Clemence...what else holds color really well? This is going to be the LAST purse purchases of this year:crybaby: so they have to be good ones....ok any H purchase is a good one! Help me out ladies! PLEASE before he changes his mind (I have to know what I want before we get there! Thats his only requirement:p)
  2. Adopt me???
  3. yes me too..feel free to adopt me... hehe... fuschia seems like a real nice color.. what about in ostrich???
  4. LOL! Thats all DH needs in the house! Another Hermes addict, he'll faint after seeing the CC bills:nuts:
  5. I'm alittle bit afraid of ostrich after hearing the the "bumps" can fall off. Does it look good in fushia?
  6. I can surely fit on one of the suitcases in case the adoption is too much for you..
  7. chocolate ostrich 35 with GH. this is the bag I would love to have. I have it in a 35 kelly but a birkin would be more casual, more of an everyday bag. I'm not sure what you already have but I do love colors too. I'd say check out the good deals and then maybe you can get two. Have fun
  8. Oh really, I'll be no trouble! I PROMISE!! I'm housetrained and really, I'll be happy schlepping around in your wardrobe :yes:
  9. LOL your too funny!
  10. I'm dead serious :yes:!
  11. Ooh that sounds beautiful! I love GH and with chocolate it looks so deep and rich.

    I am so excite to go there with DH. Its been a while since I was there and the last time I didnt even get a chance to visit any shops! I plan on wearing some comfortable shoes and take ALL week to find my treasures.
  12. Vert Anis and Fuschia would be amazing. Also, how about a black box Kelly?
  13. LOL you are making me spit up my coffee all over my laptop!
  14. aaah! My SO kelly is a 32cm black and rose shocking bicolor! the piping, front strap, handle, and interior are Rose Shocking. Oooh so lovely!
  15. good luck! hope you get to see the famous Mika......

    seriously, i'm sure you'll score a new bag with the numerous H boutiques all around japan there is! keep us posted!