Japan TPF Meeting

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    :biggrin::biggrin: Hi Everybody!

    I think it is high time to create a Japan TPF Meet. I m not sure how the response would be but if anyone interested to meet up, please do so. With this thread, I hope TPFers from other parts of the world who has been befriending another TPFers based in Japan could also meet up.:biggrin:
  2. I will be in Tokyo on 5 - 8 Nov 2012. Would love to join the meet up :smile:
  3. Hellow ..Mrs Rance,

    Nice to see you here:P If possbile why not? Let's PM ya:cool:

  4. Hi! I am new here, but I have been collecting Hermes and LV bags and other items for over 25 years. I spend a lot of time in Japan since my husband is from there and he works for a company based in Japan. I am very interested in joining this meeting. Please keep me posted.

  5. Hello there!

    Yes yes we can spend time to know each other here and definitely we can arrange something in the future. Moreover:graucho:you need to have at least 500posts or 6mths 'membership' I think to attend a Meet!

    I am doing this Japan Meet so that for those TPFers based here (or visitors that we know) could get to know each other here b4 we meet! Welcome IamnutsaboutLV:biggrin:

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    Yay finally met with CFH :yahoo:

    We went to several Hermes stores and we had lunch at Laduree Ginza and we closed the day with dinner at Genki Sushi :smile: thank you my dear, I really had a great time today :happydance:






  7. I wish I am in Tokyo too so that I can join you guys at Laduree Ginza...
  8. muak muak Mrs Rance..I enjoyed the day out with you and especially T-ing at Laduree. I m looking forward to seeing you again,maybe in SEA countries;) Have a safe trip home!

  9. ooh so nice! i just came from japan last week. still missing that country so much. I also had lunch at Laduree Ginza (Nov 1 i think).

    bag pics?
  10. nice set of pics MrsRance. Lauduree is always a great choice.
  11. Oooh I miss laduree
    Nice pic mrs rance
    Wish I m there
  12. Have a good trip home Mrs Rance, actually it was you who entertained me here:biggrin:
    Oh, yesterday I was accompanying another TPFer sourcing her wishlist, there is a 35 B Epsom Mangue...how drooling for me.;)
  13. Would there be any meet up in Tokyo? I will be moving to Tokyo for 1-2 years. Would love to meet up Hermes lovers!
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    Hi Sali girl!
    Welcome to Tokyo.
    I am Hermes lover and love to meet up in Tokyo:smile:
    I haven't posted but always visit here.

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    Yes yes! I'm planning to arrive at 19th. Maybe a thanksgiving kind of gathering might be good huh!