Japan Site

  1. I just checked out the Japan Site -They just updated the site with alot of new things!:drool:
  2. Not digging the Heritage Stripe collection. :nogood:
  3. awwww, what's the link? come on gals.....
  4. http://japan.coach.com/
    I love the tattersall kisslock wristlet!! I've been drooling over that thing for over a month now. I HOPE it's available in the states. I'm too afraid to call Coach 800# b/c if they say it's available, I'll order it on the spot (and I'm on ban...)
  5. ooooh, did you see that new hippie bag - i really want that - damn.... ok, i am completely going tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. i was going to sleep in

  6. Thank you !!!! order it, order it, order it :roflmfao:
  7. ^^ I think I might be safe b/c last PCE my SA tried her hardest to get it for me (even called 800#) and couldn't get it. She was even going to give me the discount on it!!! And I'm not going to Japan anytime soon...
  8. i want the hippy bag... badley.... i am hoping we get that here
  9. Do you gals think coach will update theirwebsite at 12:01? or like 8am morning.. D:
  10. lol like 8 am
  11. i saw the hippie at the store at 14th st in nyc
  12. I like this:

    And here's a different color for the tote:
    (I found it in brown)