Japan Site, wow and someone looking for hippie/crossbody

  1. As long as you have the style #, you can call JAX and see if you can order that item. Sometimes, JAX will have a few Japan items in stock. Doesn't hurt to ask, the worse thing they can say is "no". BTW, that is a very CUTE hippie bag!
  2. This is the one that I'm dying for.


    I already stopped into the Boutique store and asked about it and they don't have it in this color. Bummer. I'ts so cute. It's red. And it looks long enough to be a crossbody! I want, I want, I want. Oh, and the style number is 11593, by the way.
  3. very cute! can they order it for you?
  4. I might try calling the other store in my area that I really like. I stopped in at the one I only kinda like because it is close to me. The SA at the one that I went to looked it up in the system and they didn't have any in Red, Rose, or whatever they are calling this red-like color. Only black and white.

    Funny story, when I got my Rose Bleeker Flap I called the store that is close to me. The SA on the phone said it didn't exist. I muttered to my DH, she doesn't know what she is talking about. Called the other store and the SA ordered it for me and said they had 80 in stock in the system.
  5. gorgeous bag ! I would want it in "grass" too !
  6. That is so cute!
  7. Hmm... this has an interesting hip kick to it!