Japan only Multi Papillon??

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  1. Does anyone know if there was ever a Multi Papillon that was released in Japan only?
  2. I'm assuming you're talking about the one on eBay. I reported it to eBay through 4 of my different accounts but it still has not been removed!
  3. multicolor pap was never made...
  4. fake,sorry
  5. ^I reported that too.
  6. I wish they had made one, but this one must be FAKE! Sorry...
  7. Paris carried one and it was fake. Sorry they never made it in the papilllon.
  8. Nope, as others have said, there wasn't one. Some people like to create tall tales in order to sell their fakes.
  9. eBay don't really do anything about the report. I report auction many times and I see innocent people pay for the fake stuff. Ebay don't do anything about it because it helps their business.
  10. eBay never does anything.
  11. ebay always ends mine and mine are AUTHENTIC...ba$tards....wheres VeRo now. geez. FAKE. I reported.
  12. NEVER made, ANYWHERE!
  13. is the link in the report the fake thread I find that thread really useful for getting fakes shut down
  14. They never made one.
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