Japan Limited Paddington in Champagne gold

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  1. My friend in Japan sent me this link she found on the recently ended auctions on Yahoo Japan.


    Wow! Crystal studded hardware too! :nuts:
    For those who don't read Japanese, this is what it is basically.
    It's limited in Japan, to celebrate the grand opening of Chloe Boutique in Aoyama on December 1st last year. It's limited to 100, and they went by lottery. Whoever won that lottery could purchase and pick up the bag between January 14-15.

    It sure feasts my eyes (^_^)
  2. the link doesn't work, you need to enter a yahoo japan id...
  3. I have a limited edition Paddington from Selfriges in London -- its silver with crystal lock and key. LOVE it!
  4. I'm so sorry! You're right! Because it's an ended auction.
    I'll upload the pics from that auction here.
    classical_street-img300x225-11377591900011.jpg classical_street-img600x450-1137597901c-7.jpg
  5. I'm drooling over here......I want that.
  6. eh...it's the Juicy paddington...still, I would have bought it just for the extra thousand bucks I could have made reselling it...
  7. i love it!
  8. Wow, that's delicious !
  9. I like the color!
  10. nice! :nuts: I still prefer Issmom's LE paddy though :biggrin:
  11. Wow..how much? But I dont think I can afford, hehe..too much BLING BLING in there! Im scared to carry it!
  12. Blingy to the nth degree!
  13. Why....thank you...
  14. Oh wow, very stunning paddy! Did you know NAP sells the crystal lock and key for roughly $600? :amazed:

    It is suppose to function more like a keychain... it has an extra leather tassle with a key ring on it. But I'm sure you could stick it on the paddy if you really wanted to.
  15. That's the most blinged out bag...smile...I love it.
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