japan limited edition items?

  1. I'll be heading to Tokyo for a vacation in May and wonder if anyone knows anything about LV there? I know the Sophie was Japan/Hawaii exclusive, but I assume it would be sold out there by now? Are there other styles only available in Japan? I'd really like to bring home something special. Thanks!
  2. I *think* the Lagoon clutch in vernis perle is still available in Japan. Its showing up on the Japan Vuitton.com site so I think it is.

    The clutch was discontinued a while ago in the rest of the world and Ive only ever saw it since on eBay.

    Hope that helps and enjoy your trip :flowers:
  3. here is a pic of it
  4. ^^Gorgeous, love it! :tender:
  5. I think Japan may have had a vernis speedy. Not sure tho.
  6. It looks great - thanks for the advice. The perle might be a bit fragile for me, but I love little wristlets/clutches. I'm not sure if the prices there are better than in Canada, but the taxes will def be less, so that might help. Plus I love buying something as a way to remember a trip!
  7. whoa vernis speedy would be cool!
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. ive been to japan for the first time last may, andif i remember correctly they dont have anything special regarding limited editions etc. but shopping in ginza is fun also in ote-machi and shibuya, you can shop for some really nice boots at shibuya for 300 to 400 dolars a pair, hope this helps goodluck on your trip
  10. i don't know in comparison to canada but compared to hawaii, japan LV prices are really steep. there's lots of other shopping that's unique to japan though :smile:

    i keep kicking myself for not buying and LV bible book the last time i was in tokyo :sad:
  11. where does one buy the LV bible in Asia or Japan?
    Like is it on the newsstands or is it sold at the LV boutique?
  12. You mean like Perfect Book and others? You can find them at bookstores and not at LV boutiques. I think they usually come out twice a year by different companies.
  13. The book sounds like a great idea - they have photos of everything LV makes right? Hawaii prices are pretty low, lucky for those who live/go there. I'm just a big holiday shopper, so even if it isn't LV, Im coming home with something new!
  14. They are sold at normal bookstores. I have seen plenty of LV bibles at the HK Int'l Airport as well, so maybe you can check the airport bookstores in Asia.
  15. You could try asking for a Sophie when you go? I hope you do find one!