Japan LA has new clothes!

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  1. OMG did anyone see the moofia shirt and the latte shirt :love::love::love::love::love::love:
  2. i wish it had the baby cow or low fat milk...my faves on it! but they're more expensive...$44!
  3. The moofia shirt is so cute!:drool:
  4. i like the moofia shirt..but $44 is pretty expensive
  5. I :heart: the moofia shirt...too bad I'm on ban :sad: i would so buy it.
  6. i think it's because they use more ink and that's the standard price of toki shirts now :sad:
  7. can i see a picture of the moofia shirt??
  8. go to http://japanla.com/blog :smile: wait aren't you buying from them already? sign up for the mailing list jamie usually emails the info out or lets you know when she's about to update!
  9. omg i want both shirts! ahhhh!!
  10. i can't wait for new hoodies!!!
  11. Me too! I'm saving my cash for those.:graucho:
  12. Yeahh I really don't like the price of $44 plus I'd have to pay for shipping unless they have it here..but we wouldn't have it the first week. But still...I mean I bought like half of my shirts at that $44 price already. Two shirts equals like a bag already O__O I decided to stop buying shirts..or really TRY to stop. It's not worth it, especially because they fade :sad:
  13. Has anyone tried the new ones on yet? I guess they're more fitted? I'm hoping they're more like the ribcage shirt because even though it's fitted it seems just a little more forgiving across the shoulders and *ahem* chest area. The older ones just always seemed a tiny bit tight on my shoulders. Someone lemme know, K?
  14. Hmmm... I clicked on the "shop" link and it didn't work.
  15. I think so sometimes it's down. Probably try again later.