Japan Gold Earrings with Silicon Back. Should I buy?

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  1. I am very interested of getting this 18karat Japan Gold Ball Stud Earrings from a Japan based seller. This is the only 18karat ball stud earrings that I found and at a good price. Most were 14karat. However, the back of the earrings is 18karat gold coated with silicon. I do not know if that would be a concern. I do not have other earrings with that type of back. It seems Japan made earrings always have that. Does it make the earrings look cheap? I am also afraid that the silicon would turn yellow after some time and I may not be able to clean. I do not understand also the purpose of silicon. Do you have these type of backs on any of your earrings?

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  2. Another picture

    Should I consider the 14karat instead of this one because of the silicon backs?

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  3. That silicon back is interesting. I've never seen that before. Perhaps it's to prevent damage to your earlobe if you accidentally push the back in too far/hard? Also when you push the back in too far so you don't damage the earrings? It shouldn't be a problem to clean, just soak it in h2o2 for a minute and it should remove unsightly yellow.

    The second pair are gorgeous, I love them! They're also very universal and look good on any woman :smile: And 18k is great, I have an allergy to whatever alloys they use at 10k and 14k as my ears are SUPER sensitive, but I've been wearing 18k with no problems whatever!
  4. They are actually selling 14k white, yellow gold and rose gold ball studs on Groupon at the moment if you want to take a look. Comes in different mm sizes.
  5. Thanks, All!

    Bought this earrings instead. It is 14karat white gold with the usual backs and no silicon. I will match it with my Tiffany & Co. Bead bracelet. I believe T&Co has the same design of earrings but luckily I found this preowned earrings at a very good price.

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