Japan EMS - held by export customs for 4 days now! Scam?

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  1. I bough a Chanel bag from this seller Yuko0702
    Bag was shipped the following day May 3 but up to now is being held by export custom and has not left Japan! Anyone experience the same? Could this be a koji-koji similar scam?

    I've bought items from Japan in the past - this is the first time in seeing this.

    Will escalate to PayPal on Monday if it doesn't move (total of 7 days stuck) to refund and for seller to just cancel get her item back from post.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I'm not familiar with what you are calling the koji-koji scam so I have no comment on that.

    If it's being held in Japan customs, my thought is that it's missing the necessary export paperwork or something similar.

    Have you contacted your seller?
  3. Yes I have and this seller just dismissed my concern and told me to be patient. Seller said its "normal". If it's normal, maybe someone else out here saw a similar incident?
  4. Mine was held for 3 days. It was a really large package (it was a H bag with original gift box) purchased from this exact seller.

    The seller isn't a scammer. I think if the box gets flagged in Japan, it gets inspected before the item goes overseas. When I received my box, there was a note inside from Japanese customs stating that the item was inspected prior to shipment. Also, I've noticed that when I order from Japan, if it gets held at customs in Japan, it will get held at US customs as well and you're most likely going to get taxed on it.
  5. customs imports and exports take time. and if the package doesn't have the proper paperwork, or something else (like its size/description/weight/smell) causes it to be flagged then it can be held up. i had a bag sit in inward customs for 13 days and then magically it got sorted. sometimes they can just be backlogged. there really isn't anything the seller can do for you once it leaves them and enters the system. i would probably wait about a full 7-10 days for customs before i would contact the seller again and just ask for further proof the item was mailed, if available. you still have much waiting once it actually leaves japan, so be patient. you are worrying way too soon i think.
  6. If you want the bag what difference does a few extra days make? If there was anything going on it would most likely show up in their feedback. As it is an intl transaction Ebay may not let you start a case so soon.
  7. I'm not entirely sure how a bag being stuck in customs is a scam. I can't imagine why you might think the seller has any control over this.
  8. Google Koji-koji scam
    Maybe then You'd understand my concern

    Anyway yuko seems to be a reputable seller that's why I bought from her. I was just surprised that the item was held so I has asked for forum members experiences.

    I was under the impression that this forum is to share experiences and not to judge people who has a different thought process as you.
  9. Seller has absolutely No control over Customs? It could be stuck there for weeks, who knows. You will just have to try and get some patience, calling a Seller a Scammer because Your item is stuck in Customs really isn't fair to the Seller JMHO. :huh:
  10. Wow! The koji-koji scam was an interesting read. Thank you for sharing. I have never purchased from your seller but considering that other members here have with purchased high-end handbags with no problem, I think they are probably not scamming you. However, you are the buyer and if you don't feel comfortable by all means open a case on ebay if there is no progress with the package. :smile:
  11. In all fairness, the OP didn't call the seller a scammer she was just worried and asking if anyone thought it could be a scam.

  12. :shrugs:
  13. I do not think it is scam. Now the tracking data shows the bag hold by export custom, it means that the seller has shipped it, then can not do any thing in the case of delay.

    By the way 3;4;5 of this May are not bussiness days in japan .
    I think the tracking data will move on soon right after it delivered at your country.

  14. You must not realize that including the word "scam" in relation to the name of a seller creates an online footprint connecting the two words, instantly tarnishing a reputation. It's incredibly unfair to post that suggestion unless you have sound reasons...and you don't.
  15. #15 May 6, 2016
    Last edited: May 6, 2016
    Thank you! this information gives light into the dark cave and could be the reason why my parcel hasn't left Japan.

    Holiday= no export customs officers = parcel stuck.

    If the seller had explained this to me instead of being dismissive and saying it's quite normal - then I wouldn't have felt any concern or discomfort about it. After all the purchase is over $2,000..
    none of these would've happened if seller had better customer service
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