Japan - belted wallet is TDF!!

  1. beltwallet.JPG
  2. I'm not usually a pink person but this color combo looks fab together!
  3. OMG, I LOVE this!! Think it will come to the states? :drool:
  4. I soooo want this!!!:drool:
  5. That is adorable - that diagonal pink contrast is awesome!!! Every time I look at it, it makes me think of something delicious to eat. . .
  6. This is so pretty! I hope it is offered in the US!
  7. If you girls really want this, the item number is on the Japanese website...call CS, give them the item number and see if you can order it? I ordered a Legacy hippie that is ONLY on the Japanese website and not going to be offered on the U.S site...you may be able to get it!! ...:tup:
  8. Love it. A carryall tote would look fab with that color combo.
  9. I saw that..

    I fell in loveeeeeeeee!!

    I want it so bad! ><
  10. sorry hehe wrong item #40850

    backorder is available with no shipping date but only for khaki/mahogany w/brass hardware and the lady said the name so fast so all I got was ergo slim wallet..............
  11. Seriously I Need A Friend In Japan Or I Need To Make A Trip There!
  12. love it!
  13. That wallet is ADORABLE! I love it!!!
  14. Wallet is really cute, the pink lining reminds of me of bubble gum. Somehow the Japan Coach website has cuter stuff than the coach.com website.
  15. That is cute....