January Shopping Frenzy inc Purple Reissue!

  1. Have had a mad month! Bought jacket in the Sale, 2 belts, 1 brooch and 227 size purple reissue! Sorry for posting photos seperately, use Photobucket but only know how to post one at a time!

  2. Here is the jacket.......
  3. ^^beautiful jacket!!!!

    great colors, would love to see modeling pics...i didnt know chanel rtw was still floating around at the boutiques...i think my NM and Saks already shipped out their fall/winter 2007 sale stuff to the outlets... =X

    please post it in the chanel rtw reference library thread too =)
  4. and the belts and the brooch.....
  5. :drool: fabulous buys!! that purple metallic really looks quite juicy in daylight.. modeling piccies please!
  6. I love the jacket!!!
  7. Wow....lovely purchases! I like ur chanel jacket and your reissue, congrats!

    It will be great to see some modeling pics on them~
  8. Thanks for posting! I like your tweed jacket.....congrats!
  9. great buys.. enjoy them
  10. Beautiful, you have had the most fabulous January!!! :biggrin:

    many congratulations on all these lovely purchases
  11. A lot of us seem to have had done some crazy shopping in January. It's great because we get to see all of the beautiful pictures.
  12. Fabulous purchases. I love the jacket, it is exquisite.
  13. congratulations on some fabulous purchases! ~ your jacket is gorgeous! ~ love the beaded necklace & as for your purple reissue...............................:love::drool::love:
  14. Wow, the jacket and the blue belt...:drool:
  15. :happydance::queen:<-----You must feel like this!!! What absolutely gorgeous choices. Where did you find a jacket at this late date? And the purple reissiue must be trickling in all over the country. Hoo-ray.