January Sales

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  1. Anyone know when they typically start? The one that first comes to mind is J.Crew because they have crazy sales in January!
  2. That's exactly what I'm waiting for. J crew has this cutest coat I want to get and I just don't feel like paying a full price for it.
  3. im dying for the jcrew miliTARY COAT
  4. All I know is I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I will be in Chicago for the first 2 weeks of Jan. and Im going to SHOP!!! I hit the fall jcrew sale and made out like crazy. GREAT prices!! Nordstroms will have a great after Xmas sale as always...hell the whole mall and surrounding boutiques are spinning around in my head! I cant wat.
  5. A lot of shoes at the prada boutique go 1/2 price in January (but not all)
  6. I know it's a bit early, but does anyone know of any sample sales or store sales in NYC after New Year's? I'm going to be there the first week in January!
  7. does jcrw go on a 50% off in jan.? i read that somewhere.. is it truee?
  8. additional 50% off sale items

  9. January sales are GREAT...but my luck, it's gone when I go back...therefore, if I see it I have to buy it on the spot and it's usually full price! Waiting to January - Fuggedaboudit it's gone!!

    Happy shopping everyone...yea, when Sunshine - when you come here to Chicago, you will have a blast - esp if you will downtown on Michigan Ave.!! Have a great trip!
  10. wow! I was not even aware that sales are crazy like that in Jan!!!!!

    I want to plan a trip to Chicago in January also....It will have to be over a weekend though because we can't bring our son. Wouldn't be as productive!

    I want to shop like I have never shopped before...does anyone know where I can get a shopping guide to the best stores in Chicago?

    so weird how this thread applied to me!!!!

    thanks Sunshine for bringing it up!:flowers:

    maybe I should just start a diff. thread for this question.
  11. Yep, January is the magical month. Sure, after Christmas they have some markdowns, but after New Year's and throughout January, the shelves will become restocked with all of those unwanted gift returns. January is the month for all of the retailers to empty those shelves.
  12. ok now I have to get a game plan. Early Jan. Middle Jan.

    I see this as a 'to-do'....I loooooove shopping!

    Thank you guys for the heads-up
  13. usually what part of january does the sale for j.crew happen?