January, February, and March 2017 purchases!


Mar 31, 2007
Alberta, Canada
Going to pick up this baby in a couple hours, I literally have butterflies! Found her new without tags on the local buy and sell. She looks like a MAB from the pics but won't know for sure until I pick her up. Also can't wait to get her and see that lining so I can determine what color she actually is, thinking maybe Winter Grey 2009? Thanks for letting me share my pre-pick up excitement!



Oct 8, 2011
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Have not bought a bag in 4 years but could not resist the new year's sale! I am so happy with these!
Wow, what a great haul! Enjoy them!

Here she is! She is a MAB and has the black and white stripped lining. Definitely a blue grey, off to try and track down the actual color name :smile: View attachment 3575467
Haven't seen you in a while, glad to see you back with a real beauty! Love the color.

I picked up my only Rebecca Minkoff (I'm more a Coach gal) on clearance yesterday at the Barney's outlet for, get ready - $39! Originally $450! (http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com/collection-large-box-white) They had two of these, another gal swooped in for the other one right after I took this one. It is white, I just have crappy lighting at home.

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Gorgeous bag, what a steal! Look at that chunky chain!
Dec 4, 2014