January 2020 - Please Share Your Chanel Purchases

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  1. Happy Shopping! :flowers:
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  2. Thank you! Have not even finished paying for Christmas pleasures!!
  3. Aw :blush:
    Hope you’ll have a wonderful 2020 :heart:
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  4. Yes! Many thanks! Awaiting the arrival of a flap bag with chain around in leather! I was not partial to the fabric versions. May your 2020 find you in good health and happy Chanel spirits!
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  5. New to me brooch, my first one! Glitter bead from Spring 2016 (I believe)... had a great experience buying from Fashionhulu on eBay and this is probably the start of a long road of brooches...

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  6. i really would like to add a small zip wallet and a card holder in January. Hope SS offers any nice colors!
  7. Thank you Frillylily! :flowers::heart:
    Hope your chain around in leather will arrive soon :smile:
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  8. My small 19 in grey finally arrived :heart:
  9. Hello!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!! I am looking for the same bag and haven’t seen the grey even in person, could you please PLEASE SHARE a pic?? Thank you so much
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  10. Went in wanting the caviar leather but walked out with lambskin ❤️. Happy new year, everyone! ✨

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  11. I have this in lambskin, and LOVE IT. Every time I pull it out of my bag it feels SO soft and luxurious! I have had mine for almost two years, and it still looks great, despite being my most used SLG.
  12. #12 Jan 5, 2020
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    here’s an indoor pic. She is the perfect shade of grey:smile:


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  13. Oh wow!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing the pic, I love this shade of grey!!!! This is the first pic I have seen of the 19 in grey, been refreshing my page hopefully waiting for your reply!!! Yay!!
  14. edit: found my answer. Love the small size.