January 2019 - Happy New Year! Share Your New Chanel Purchases~

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    I got 2 Chanel WOC and wanted to have a Chanel bag. It was difficult to decide on mini or small flap bag (I'm a fan of small bags). And now, Im happy with my decision
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  2. Bought this in late Dec 2018 but only unbox-ed in January 2019! Hope this counts!

  3. beautiful which collection is this from?
  4. Shes gorgeous!! Is that the small? If so, are you in the U.S.? How difficult was it to find?
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    #andforpoise Thanks so much. Shes small and purchased in France.
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  6. Hi! I’m not too sure but I think it’s from Cruise 19 :smile:
  7. Love the red. Is this from New season? Where did you get it?
  8. Just so you know 11P means Spring of 2011. Not current season.
  9. A couple of clutches from Vegas!
    fullsizeoutput_4a07.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4a0d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4a13.jpeg
  10. [​IMG]
    just got these!
  11. 20190112_212819.jpg
    Wanted the Tiffany Blue but sold out in my country. This will do. Thinking should I add a card holder to go with it. :giggle::girlsigh:
    Didn't get the plastic camelia thou. But oh well.. Still a happy day!
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  12. Went to London for some shopping and bought a brooche and a pair of classic ballerina’s

    Later that day my SA texted me that my Coco Handle came in! Have to wait untill the 22nd (release date of the new collection) though. I’m so excited!!


  13. Nice flats! They are real comfy!
    Did your SA tell you what colour this season has? Can't wait for 22nd to come!
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  14. Thank you
    No she didn’t, but I want a black Coco Handle and that one came in.
  15. Love these! Did you buy in the US?