January 2019 - Happy New Year! Share Your New Chanel Purchases~

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  1. The pearls on the strap are so cute!!
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  2. I’m going to my local NM today because I was told they’re putting out the new stuff! Not sure if it’s the same for all stores.
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  3. Please let us know what you see! :smile:
  4. The colour is stunning! I'm thinking getting an slg in the same colour :smile:
  5. here is mine 20181225_192634.jpg
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  6. They didn’t have anything out yet this morning when I went, unfortunately!!
  7. Go again later Pls!!!!!
  8. I have an old medium black boy and wanted to add a lil brother with 9DDE0FCC-39ED-4FE6-9F38-0620EBB33CAD.jpeg B812B126-2FD3-4538-AF91-F1842896CF96.jpeg him. Here he is ..red calfskin small boy with gold hardware. He’s so cute . Thanks for letting me share.
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  9. Gorgeous, which season is it from? Enjoy your new bag!
  10. Thanks!! It’s from 2016 i believe..it was brand new too with stickers intact . I was lucky to find one from a personal shopper .
  11. Missed the Christmas camellia unfortunately but I got these earrings for Russian Christmas (ok I don’t actually celebrate it, I just needed an excuse to go shopping :P)
  12. LOVE the earrings!!! Can never get enough of those sparkly CC’s :loveeyes:
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  13. Nice!!!!
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  14. My new to me 11P Red Caviar Jumbo Classic flap with SHW. Thanks for letting me share
  15. 19P Grey Caviar Mini Coco Handle. Just ordered this cutie, waiting for her to arrive!
    (Comes in the Small size as well in this color combo)