January 2019 - Happy New Year! Share Your New Chanel Purchases~

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  1. I picked up this little piece of sunshine last week in Waikiki. I’m so in love. [emoji169][​IMG]
  2. Love this color!
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  3. I love the little charms!
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  4. I :heart: these! Were they purchased in one of the boutiques or a department store?
  5. Please obsessed away! It’s gorgeous[emoji5][emoji5]
  6. Wow! Beautiful green[emoji173]️ Emerald, right?
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  7. Awww thanks!
  8. Allow me to share my first vintage Chanel 5XXXXXX series, still in great structure & excellent leather condition. I'm on cloud 9 :yahoo:

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  9. From the boutique. :smile:

  10. Thank you!

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  11. Such beautiful condition! Congrats!
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  12. My holy grail - ultimate dream bag. Bought it in early January :heart: Super excited to have her! Old Medium Boy - Caviar. Thanks for letting me share :heart:
  13. That’s the dream! Did u get right straight to that bag or did u collect other chanels before it? :smile:
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  14. I collected other chanel bags before this. All the bags i got before were bags I really wanted at that moment.. but this bag really made me feel like my collection was almost complete (if that makes sense haha - just want a tote bag or an everyday crossbody bag to be complete).. and if i didn't get another chanel bag.. it would be okay because of this bag..
  15. Lol! I totally get you cos my bf’s like “why don’t you just get the bag that you really want or why don’t u get other brands” :smile:) would love to see your collection! Share it to us when you can :flowers: