January 2019 - Happy New Year! Share Your New Chanel Purchases~

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  1. LOVE your turquoise camellia! May I ask where its from?
  2. Its custom made and also handmade by a leather crafter located in Jakarta, Indonesia. She does take orders from Singapore! :smile: You can visit her IG profile at leara.id
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  3. Finally did it! My first white :smile:

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  4. Beautiful!!
  5. Gorgeous! Is it light weight?
  6. just added these beautiful pearl combat boots to my collection. :heart::heart::heart:

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  7. Limited edition NYC lucky charms in WHITE!! I always wanted a white one...

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  8. I feel so happy every time I see this Deauville sparkle. Somehow makes me think of the sparkling stars in the galaxy (even though it’s navy, not black). Two of my favorite things together. :smile:
  9. Looking for simple earrings for everyday use. Glad to find these 2 cuties from boutique visit today [emoji4]
    IMG_7316.JPG [​IMG]
  10. DF70C689-2D44-4F55-94EF-BC745E43E877.jpeg Classic WOC for my birthday!
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  11. Congrats! Love this version of lucky charms!
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  12. VERY cool!
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  13. Something small for January...

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  14. WOW - Amazing!!!! Love them both - happy you have them!!!!
  15. What a pretty earrings! Very elegant.
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