January 13th!!! Belen Echandia January SALE!!!!!!

  1. Just received this from Jackie ladies!!!!

    Thought I'd be nice and share the info here for all!!!!



    We are finally excited to announce that Belen Echandia's biannual 3-day sale will take place online at BelenEchandia.com from Sunday 13th January at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT to Weds 16th January at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT with 35% discount off all current stock.
    Compare time zones here:
    The 3-day sale of current stock is held twice per year as a means of rewarding loyal customers and mailing list members. Only one or two of most bags are available. Every season we change the rules, to make things a bit more fun. This time there is no waiting list so the sale will work on a first-come, first served basis
    We suggest that foreign customers ask their bank in advance to authorise transactions made on our website. Remember: we do not accept Amex, you must ensure you use the correct billing address and if you want the package delivered elsewhere you must be on our mailing list.
    Sign up now on our Invitation page at BelenEchandia.com and tell all your friends to do the same.

    Any problems please email Jackie
    Good luck!


    [FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif']Email: [/font][FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif']Jackie[/font][FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif'] Call: +44 207 223 86 71 Click: [/font][FONT='Arial', 'sans-
  2. woo hoo!!! i had a feeling it was going to be a sunday-wed. sale again :smile:
  3. Don't pee from excitement, but I did notice she has a purple LM back in stock!!!!
  4. Woohoo so excited =)
  5. yayy. I hope I can get a black crash love me!
  6. Thanks for the info.!
  7. Contessa, I think you might be the best one to ask. When the sale starts, how is availability listed? Does the site include what is available at the moment? I say that becuase right now the Aqua Stroke Me comes up as available on the site but I know from emailing Jackie that it is not.

    In other words, how is one to know what's available?
  8. I'm certain that by Sunday morning, the BE website will be organized in a way that reflects the sale.

    Was it the Aqua Stroke Me in large that you wanted???
  9. Yes, exactly. It was more like lust, actually, and then Jackie told me there was no more aqua leather!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. OMG! I saw the purple LM available now on line too. :love: I want this bag so bad! I wish would have had more notice on the sale. I have to sell a few of my bags to fund this one, and I honestly didn't think she would have any in purple for the sale, and that was the only color I wanted. I dont know if I can get some sold by sunday but I am going to try!
  11. grrrrr i'll be mad if you can get the purple LM in the sale. ESP if that means you get it before i get my bag!
  12. Anyone know what bags they are going to have in stock during the sale? Is it all of them or?? :smile:
  13. sara999, I know how you feel because I have the purple love me on order too. Since my order went in at Christmas, I don't think there would be any available as stock for the sale, and I just don't think Jackie would do that. There are other things that show available on the site right now that are not really available, so I am waiting to see what pops up on Sunday.