January ~**08**~ Coach buys!

  1. I cant believe its already a new year:nuts:!! Yay for another bright, healthy and happy New Year full of Coach! Post your hot new buys from this awsome new year!:wlae:January 08!!:tup:
  2. this is my new buy i just bought it online today. I got the all black 1.

  3. ooooooh! Great bag, I have it in black. Your gonna love it!:okay:
  4. i want that bag in all chocolate...its soo yummy!

  5. Congrats! I ordered it Saturday in this color combo & may just end up getting black too. Looking forward to it's arrival :yahoo:
  6. OK this will be my first and last purchase of the new year until March/April when hopefully new Legacy/new pleated ergos come out. I have this on hold to pick up tomorrow (and maybe the matching wristlet if Macys still has it on 30% clearance!)
    mahogany gallery.jpg
  7. I just got my black leather ergo hobo. What an awesome bag. LOVE it to bits.
  8. Congratulations on everyone's new purchases! Here's to lots of wonderful purchases in 2008! :drinkup:
  9. I hope everyone has a great coach year!!!
  10. Can't wait to see everyone's pics!!!!! :tup:
  11. I got the Jilly flats yesterday in black, on sale for 58$!!

    I am too tired from parties last nite to post pics right now, but I will later or tomorrow : )
  12. :yahoo: I just bought a Whiskey Mandy off eBay for $325!!!! Thanks to all my fellow tPF enablers who let me drool over theirs until I got one of my very own! It is missing the hangtag but my SA told me they have tons of them in the back of their store, so I'm praying they will have a spare to match. Otherwise I'll try to call Coach to get one.

    Once the bag gets here, I will take pics of it with all my other Christmas goodies (I did a little exchanging)!!
  13. I got the Legacy Leather Framed French Purse in black to match my khaki/black Carly. This is my first legacy piece and I am so in love with it!! :love: I also got another skull keyfob as a late christmas gift for a friend.

    coach french purse.jpeg.jpg
  14. This is my favorite wallet ever! I have it in whiskey, and think I need to get it in black too! Congrats!
  15. I got this same wallet at COACH outlet in Aurora, Illinois for $111.99. I got it in Whiskey. I was doing the Irish Jig when I found that one. Regular price was $218.00

    And I also got a Hamptons signature leather Skinny Mini for $23.99 at the COACH outlet. Regular price $48.00
    legacy wallet 001.JPG Hamptons Skinny Mini 001.JPG