Jannie Tay on S'pore URBAN newspaper

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  1. Jannie Tay is a businesswoman whose achievements are recognized both in Singapore and around the world. She is the Vice Chairman of The Hour Glass, - a company which she co-founded with her husband more than twenty years ago from a one-shop retail operation which has become a leading international retailer of high quality timepieces, jewellery and writing instruments.

    She was carrying this bag when I saw her at one of the coffeeshops here.

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  2. Thank you for sharing Queenie!
  3. How terribly interesting Queenie. I like that she keeps and uses things that friends and family have given her.
  4. i love those pieces that look inside the bag. and when it's an H bag, so much the better. thanks for posting.
  5. Sus, that's so sweet, isn't it?

    I like that she brings the photos with her all the time too. I'm looking for a little photo album that I can keep in my bag. My gf just bought a cute one from Hermes.
  6. Kellybag and HH, glad you like it too.
  7. I love that she uses all these fabulous things that are gifts from friends and family. Shows that she must be a very generous giver herself!
  8. OH! I didn't see her in that sea of people!
  9. Lovely, classy women who really appreciate their beautiful things! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

    Queenie and MrsS, I love these tantalizing glimpses into your high fashion escapades!!:heart::jammin:
  11. Great article & bags. Thanks Queenie & Mrs S.
  12. Queenie & MrsS: Thanks for posting both pictures, I like the "Mother, Daughter & Hermes" combo :queen: I can imagine that with TPF ladies & their daughters :heart:
  13. Thanks for sharing! What a delight to read :yes: