JanieandJack.com - Children's Clothing Sale

  3. So darn cute! I have 11 neices and nephews and did some Christmas shopping here. I got the black velvet dress with the the three white bows across it. Like a tiny Audrey Hepburn outfit! Thanks so much for the link!

  4. Wow! 11 nieces and nephews--that leaves you no money with which to buy handbags! LOL! There are some cute things..ITA.
  5. Biedermia! That's exactly how many nieces and nephews i have - 4 girls and 7 boys ...EEEks! Every month is someone's birthday.

    Thanks for the link bagachondriac! You always provide very helpful links :smile:
  6. Awwww! I'm the exact opposite with 4 boys and 7 girls. 6 of them are from one brother and they're going to try for more! Outrageous!

    Bagachondriac - I don't have any kids yet so lots left over for bags and shoes! I have to amass my collection now before it's my turn.

  7. My DH and I have six boys together! 1 finished college two years ago, 1 finishing grad school, and the remaining 4 are in college. The twin boys want to continue on to med school! $$$$$$ Take advantage of being able to buy for yourself now Biedermia because kids are soooo expensive. They are worth it though. I 'm laughing as I'm typing these words just thinking about the thousands I have spent this year on my handbags! Oh well...it could be worse. At least I don't spend tons on diamonds and such!!
  8. You must be so proud they all went to college! Six and ALL boys! I have to ask - Did you have so many because you thought the next might be a girl? I have a friend with 5 boys and that wasn't her original plan, but she kept trying for a girl and finally had to stop.

    And about the thousands in handbags... It's obviously your passion. I've made it a habit of showing my husband the BEFORE price and then he's just so happy I got a deal he forgets I'm buying one more and congratulates me. All thanks to this forum!

    P.s. What does DH stand for?