Janice's new Ursala Zip Clutch in fierce LOBSTER red!

  1. Here are some pics of my fierce Lobster zip clutch. I like it. Its roomy and the color is sooooo much fun! :cool:
  2. Wow! That IS fierce! Looks great! Congrats!
  3. Love, love, love that color!!!
    Gorgeous wallet!
  4. dear janice, I am so jealous ;) but seriously truly fabulous!! I'm still searching for the midnite blue in this style:love:
  5. Harlem Cutie.. I shall keep a look out for ya!! Thanks to everyone I normally don't use wallets but this clutch is just too much fun.:P
  6. Absolutely stunning janice!!!! i love it!! i am going to start my new obsession. Collect these wonderful clutches!!!

    How many colors did these come in by the way!?
  7. the red is reallly sharp and fierce!

    does it fit much in it? as it doesn't look very thick.
  8. Oh that is gorgeous and oh so fierce! I love it!
  9. Thank you!
    Luna, Saks had the clutch in Green and Ivory.
    And, yes it fits alot! I am able to put some lettuce in one section. My d/l and my cc with 4 slots left. There are two seperate compartments that are wide enough to fit my blush brush, blush and lipgloss. The two sections in the front fit 2 (emergency) advil ;) and change in the other. Its totally fab!
  10. Gorgeous, janice! I love anything red and your Ursula clutch is mind-blowing!
  11. It's beautiful. I love the red patent.
  12. That's truly one HOT red bag! Every time I open up this thread & look at this bag, I just want to call Saks right away and get the lobster red Ursula bowler once and for all....let's see how long I can hold off on the temptation. There's just something about that red color & the patent quilting that keeps haunting me over and over.....even though the more rational side of my brain is telling me to think "practical" and get the black color.

    May I ask how much this Ursula clutch retails for? Was it/is it on sale anywhere? And what are the approximate dimensions?
  13. Janice, beautiful clutch in a stunning color! Congrats! =)
  14. Quilted Ursula (Patent Leather) Zip Clutch, 7.75"x4"x1", retails for $450USD. It comes in Black, Chalk, Blush, Midnight (blue), Cola, Moss (green), Lobster (red). Moss and Lobster were on sale at big department stores like Saks, Bloomies, etc. You can get it (any color) at your local Bloomingdales during its Private Sale Event ($100 off plus 3-$15 gift card).

    Quilted Zip Clutch is also available. I have seen it in black, ivory, etc. I don't remember its price.

    Calf Leather (regular leather) Zip Clutch retails for $395. It's available in the colors as Soft Calf Leather Collection line every season. It has suede lining (Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch doesn't).
  15. Midnight Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch is available at eluxury.com, I have seen it at Nordstrom Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego, California).

    (source: eluxury.com)
    Marc Jacobs Collection
    Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch $450.00

    Blending shiny quilted leather and chunky polished hardware, Marc gives the much-loved zip clutch a retro-modern infusion. With its sleek profile and signature push clasps, a distinctively posh accessory whether tucked into a handbag or carried on its own.

    Shiny, quilted leather
    Suede-lined interior features a long, divided center pocket, two slender side pockets, and six slots for credit card or ID
    Signature push clasp pockets at front
    Twill-lined exterior zippered pocket
    Long zip top
    Polished brass hardware
    7.75" x 4" x 1"
    Made in Italy

    NOTE: Eluxury has the wrong info right? If I remember correctly, Quilted Ursula Zip Clutch does not have suede-lined interior. Am I forgetting details?