Janice Dickinson's BDay Bash

  1. Janice Dickinson, celebrating her 53rd birthday – and the wrap of the third season of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency – at Central in Los Angeles. According to a partygoer, the reality star, who's been known to fudge her age, had only 48 candles on her cake. Hmm... But that didn't stop her from jumping up on a couch when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday," imploring her guests, "Louder! I can't hear you!" ~people.com

  2. She's absolutely crazy!:weird:
  3. She may look a little - ok, very - plastic looking but I still think she looks GREAT for being 53! And her figure is amazing!

  4. ^^agree.:yes:
  5. ^^ITA shes a nut but an amazing model, i mean who in the world would pose like she is above?!? lol
  6. If anyone ever heard about what she went through during her childhood they would understand why she is like this....I have a lot of respect for her...she is a great mother and puts her craziness to the side when it comes to them..She was a bad alcoholic, but who dosent have a problem with something...She looks great for 53!!
  7. ITA! I wish they would have kept her on americas next top model!
  8. :tender:I love Janice and all her nuttiness.
  9. HAHA shes so funny
  10. she's 53? wow, she does look good but her behaviour sure doesn't suit her age.
  11. Can you elaborate?
  12. Personally, she annoys me.