Janice Dickinson

  1. [​IMG] Former model, Janice Dickinson has her own reality show. Though she prefers to call it a documentary, ‘The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’ appears to be your average garden variety Reality TV program. In the show, Dickinson will be running her own modeling agency and using her wisdom from the industry as well as her keen eye for talent to turn beautiful girls into beautiful models.

    Some might argue that Dickinson’s show could be a knock-off of ‘America’s Next Top Model’, however ‘The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’ is not formatted as a competition. And while Dickinson was once a judge on ‘Top Model’, the fact that models won’t be eliminated isn’t the only thing that differs from Tyra Banks’ popular show. While ‘Top Model’ consists of a series of projects, Dickinson’s show is centered on an actual modeling agency. It should also be said that Dickinson’s reputation for straightforward (and often brutal) honesty would certainly set her apart from Bank’s more forgiving constructive criticisms.

    ‘The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’ will premiere on Oxygen tonight (June 6, 2006) at 10 pm. The series is scheduled to run for 11 episodes.

    I'm not a great fan of hers, is anyone watching her new show ?
  2. I think she is vile.
  3. REALLY?! I think she just says it like it is and doesn't pretend to be someone she is not. I don't really mind her in small doses.
  4. I read Janice's book. I remember her vividly when I was a young teenager. She was really the first 'supermodel'. She also broke the blonde/California-girl look barrier. She was the first ethnic looking model to make it big. She opened the door to modeling for people like Cindy Crawford. Her and Beverly Johnson (the first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue) also opened modeling up to women of color too. Janice's father sexually abused her and her sister Debbie (who was also a successful model). Janice has been through a lot. As I get older, I respect women more and more who are like her. She admits she has no tact and can be a real @ss at times. I'd rather deal with her than other women who behave that way and think they are Mother Teresa.
  5. I tolerate her but won't really set up the time to watch the show..
  6. NO! She has lived such a fake and plastic life that I think theres nothing more to expect from her!!! here is pix of J.D.

  7. Right on the money LV
  8. I think she would be a hoot at parties but she have to leave early :blink: If she is serious about the show it should be good. Her pictures from he early modeling days are stunning.
  9. I love her she tells the TRUTH about modeling everything she says ittrue and she doesnt mean to hurt the girls! when seh tells them to losse weight its not cos she thinks they are fat its the catwalk that wants them thinner! thats why i love her and i think it will be a really cool show if it comes to Australia im defenately watching it
  10. I am tivoing it. I'm curious about how it is admittedly.
  11. i love and adore janice. she is stunning, honest and says it like it is (much like i do).

    Yes, she can be brutal at times, but hey, tough luck.

    she's so undeniably gorgeous. yes, she's had work done, but look at her before pics, still hot!!

    she's had a rough life, but she's doing her thing. i wish the drugs hadn't screwed her up so badly though.

    i love you janice!! come back on top model, it's not the same without you!
  12. I love Janice. She has guts, wit and honestly (which is hard to come by in such an industry). I guess shes kinda eccentric because she has had a tough life.
  13. i watched the first two episodes of her show (just happened to be on as i was flipping through the channels) and although i didn't love her so much on top model, i really like the show.......she's brutally honest, but not in a mean just for the sake of being mean way.....she tells it like it is, and this is something she's doing to create a future for her kids so i can't fault her for that :yes:.......as for all the plastic surgery and botox, people should do whatever makes them happy :P
  14. I miss her on ANTM, but I don't know if I can watch a whole show about her. The season of Surreal Life with her was painful because she seemed like such a terrible wreck but also more sensitive and fragile than people give her credit for.
  15. WOW!

    check out Janice Dickinson from her heyday..

    what a beauty.

    janice 2.jpg janice dickinson.jpg