Janet looks Fabulous....Especially carrying her

  1. janet.jpg

    FENDI SPY BAG:love: ! I swear, she is seriously working it out. Check out those arms!
  2. Sorry, i dont know how to cute down this huge picture..
  3. She does look good!!! LOVE the bag too!!!:love:
  4. I saw that bag in NM recently ...it is to die for...and yes, she looks fab.
  5. I haven't seen it in my NM. Well maybe because i havent been in awhile. I wonder how much it is going for...
  6. Always hot big or small
  7. I agree!
  8. holy crap! she looks so buff! i really wish i could be that fit in such little time. she has major dedication! WOWOWOW!
  9. I've resized the picture for ya!
  10. She looks good again!
  11. Love that Spy! You know she pays a lot of money to her personal trainer and chef plus her new album is about to drop so is it really that shocking that she looks this way?
  12. Boy that is dedication, she looks great. Love that bag as well!!
  13. :biggrin: Thanks Vlad..

    Actually its not really shocking to me. Janet has always put on pounds and pounds and has taken it off in no time. She looses weight easily.
  14. Love her new look!
  15. i don't know... i just think it probably might look better if she could lose some weight without looking like a body builder.